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Hi this is anand from india i am looking for a job in Tanzania .

   i am from tamilnadu , coimbatore  i am looking a logistics openings in Tanzania . kindly reply me.

Anand sakthi :

   i am from tamilnadu , coimbatore  i am looking a logistics openings in Tanzania . kindly reply me.

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Thank you.

Sir, I just got an offer from a company called "ARECO"
pls confirm the credentials. They offered salary of 2300 USD after confirmation of probation period, shared accomodation, travel to TZ air ticket, visa.

The offer letter does not mention address of company.
They are not ready to share the contract details / terms or conditions etc.

pls help and guide

Hi, I got an offer  in dar es salaam as a Factory Manager. Company name - Techpack tanzania ltd. Pl send me some information about the company.

Hi, I got a offer to work In Tanzania with company Alosco holdings in the East Africa retail corporation in Msasani city mall can any one please provide the feedback of the company as I am supposed to join them on 3rd may 2015 also the company is a part of alosco holdings



Hi all,

I am from India with a work experience of 06 years  as an architect and have been offered a job opportunity with Quality Group in Tanzania (Dar es saalaam) with a contract period of 02 years, I have few question regarding the offer.

1) Can somebody from the Quality group update me about the companies status & level in the country.

2) The company has said that they have a policy that I have to submit my passport with the company for two years   :huh: . In case I have to visit India that I have to deposit my 03 months salary with the company to get my passport and the same will be refunded when I will come back. Is this a standard practice in Tanzania ? :unsure

3) They have agreed to bear all the expenses like House rent/car allowance/electricity bills/water bills etc. But I have to arrange my accommodation & transport by myself and company will only provide a fixed amount monthly as a salary component. Is this a better option or I should as the company to arrange the same for me.  :unsure

4) In case I need to leave the job before completing the 02 years contract than I have to pay some amount nearly equal to 03 months salary with will be calculated on exact basis on the expenditure done by the company to recruit me/visa/flight cost etc. Is this the correct way or should I not agree to this.  :/

5) As per the current market condition of Tanzania what will be the best salary package for an Architect with Masters in Construction Management & 06 years of Experience.  :)

I understand that not everything can be disclosed on this forum so if possible kindly provide your feedback via mail on ***************************

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Hi i know its pretty late to reply .. are you still in Tanzania , if so do reply i will write down my questions plz .. Thanks

Hi dear
I am in process of an offer from sita steel rolling located in dar es salam pl tell me about the reputation of company

Hello to all those Indian friends living in East Africa.

I have an job offer by Decase Chemicals whose head quarter is in Nairobi Kenya. I have met the Indian origin director of the company and he seems to be a nice person.

I have been offered to work in their branch office in Dar es salaam, Address (Plot 24/27, Julius K. Nyerere Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).

Please share some information about the company if someone knows something about them.

Looking forward to here from you.



This side Himanshu from India.

Got an offer from Abacus Pharma based in Dar Es Salaam. Is this company is good or what about the working culture in this company.

I am okay with compensation part.

So should I go with this company?

hi bro i am searching for a job in tanzania
i am an accountant in 2years experience India
one company offered me a job in Tanzania monthly 1300 dollars with accommodation
it is good smaller or bad sallery

Hi Inza

Sorry for the delay.
1300 USD is not a bad salary but certain things you have to keep in your mind.

Your monthly expenses including your meal and personal expenses will come around something 300 to 400 USD. Now you will get 900 USD. Now company will deduct NSSF (PF) from your salary which is something 20% of your salary. Means deduction of 270 USD. Means you will get something 500 to 600 USD per month which is your savings.

Now if your company decided to give you salary in USD then it's fine but if company will pay in shilling then it's can be loss of something 120 to 130 USD per month due to dollar price fluctuation because shilling is not as stable as compare to Indian Rupee.

So your net saving comes around 400 to 500 USD per month.

In Indian rupees 25000 to 30000 per month.

Now it's your decision.


Himanshu this side. I want to know about the Abacus company based at dar es salam. It's a pharma company.

Just want to know about the company, it's management, working culture? Pros and cons.

Is it good to accept an offer from there. Need your valuable and prompt feedback.

Thanks in advance

Is there any sites where I can find jobs for dentist or should I come Africa and start a hunt ?
I was previously offered a job but could not make it due to ill health

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