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Hi, my family and I are thinking of moving to Agadir, just trying to get cost of living comparrison to the Uk , we have recently been on holiday there but actual living cost's are something we are just beginning to investigate,I would appreciate some information on school fees secondary and primary international schools and local ,health care and utility bills,and anything else that you feel might be relevent, thanks for your time. Amanda Jones-Said

Hello, i'm Ali from Agadir, i think that cost of living in Agadir, is good in general, for health, you will have to rely on private hospitals, for renting, the price keep going down while you are moving away from the centre of the city, near to the centre expensive houses, far = less , this is how it works here, for food, it's very good, weather is warm and sunny all the year, for schools, we have here French school, American school, and plenty of private schools,, for more information i'm here,,

i am british moroccan willing to move back to agadir but i can give you an idea about the cost of living
for schools i just read that there is an international montessori school but i am still investigating about the costs also there is the american school but i dont know if they have a primary school(if you find any helfull information please let me know)
the general cost of living is much cheaper than the UK if you avoid the expensive restaurant clubbing etc there the prices sometimes are higher than London
as ali said the farest you go from the city the cheapest the rent will be you can get a flat between 150 and 300 pounds a month
the private Gp visit cost about 13 pounds and medecines is not free(public hospitals are awful)
shopping is cheapest than the Uk you get the best free range stuff in Agadir for cheap prices fruits and vegies are much cheaper and meat price is about 5 pounds the Kg i think
hope this helps x

What do you think that I  would have pay each month to rent a small villa only a little ways outside of the city of Agadir or is that even possible to do? I would like to find something for not more than 5,000dh a month. I do not want to rent one of the Expensive  vacation Villas owned by Foreigners somewhere Europe or the UK I would like to rent from a Moroccan Person. I do not want to rent a Flat.
     Is it hard to find a Small Villa to rent around Agadir.
My Wife is Moroccan and we married in Mohammedia in 2011 so it would be just me and her living there. We plan to stay there for many years.
    I am a quiet man and i just want a simple place for my wife an myself where I can retire as i am now 62 years old. .

Thank you

Hi stephen,
here is a link to find a property to rent in morocco
[link moderated]

hope this helps you

Thank you but that link is trash.
Some thing you have to do yourself.

Thanks anyhow

Sarasmum  I holiday Agadir snd Marrakech. When I have shopped at Asswak Essslam super market I have found goods expensive. Are the public hospitals free to Moroccans.

there are many place lik talberjt esalam elhouda dakhla taghazout

for rend ouse more  1700 dh

Welcome to my city ^^

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