playing basketball

And what do u need to enter? Should i have a team in my bag :p ?

You don't have to... Many filipino's played in Al moajil actually their are the only nation who really love the sport. Sometimes there are few different nationalities, the last time I played, I got the chance to compete with Turkish, Arab and Lebanese, their good and stand 6 feet tall and take note there are no "pustahan". Just show your ability and passion for the sport. It's a basis of first come first serve, just wait for your turn and everybody could play. No matter which sides are you. But I suggest to bring a team of yours... So that the game could be more thrilling... Ciao  :top:

Sounds like the coolest it can get. Problem is im new here.. Dunno much people with this passion and ill probably be the only woman on ur courts..
No clue how to get there and back ....

Hey guys, I'm a newcomer to the Al-Khobar city, any suggestion for how to find a court to play basketball?
I don't mind to practice alone by myself, the only thing I need is just a court.

count me please

hey all, any basketball game this week end ?

Any basket ball teams in AL-Khobar ?

Hello everyone,

@ Yousefabz, do not hesitate to drop a "looking for" advert in the Sport partners in Khobar, you will be more likely to get some offers.

Best of luck,


I want to play basketbal.
im in khobar but I dont know where and I dont know anyone.

Anyone knows where there is a basketball court ?


in case you have not seen this ...


hello yousef,

i am looking for a former varsity, amateur or professional player to join my basketball team. we are playing on this tournament at Ettifaq Club Gymnasium.
Pls click

agent x

Hi there

I have just joined a company in Dammamm.
I would like to join some basketball club. Can you kindly guide me on same.

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