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I am looking for a place to live in Can Tho.  Where do the expats live?  I have looked at the traditional Vietnamese apts. that are 4 levels south of town and was not that interested in climbing 3 flights to go to bed.  Any suggestions?  I would like 2-3 bedrooms.

Thanks for your help.


these are Can Tho photos … 8&bih=1065

and this is infomation of Can Tho City (Vietnamese)

Hello Mamaduck,

Please don't tell me you are from Oregon and Phil Knight man.

Kiddings aside.  South Can Tho is an area that is still being developed.  It is new and quite cheap compares to other areas.  But, that is about all it has to offer.  If you are at ease on a Vietnamese motorbike and know a little Vietnamese, then you will get by.  But if not, I highly suggest that you look into Ninh Kieu District, particularly that Trung Tam Thuong Mai Cai Khe area.

The bigger markets, the better restaurants, schools and night clubs are there.  Much of what you will need for daily life is within walking distance.  It is a little more expensive than South Can Tho, of course; but it is where the action is.

When looking for a place to live in Can Tho, I recommend that you look off of the main streets.  They are considered commercial strips, therefore, the price is much higher.  Another thing that you should do is go to the area itself.  The internet and the newspapers don't work too good here; people still do the-sign-on-the-door thing.

Good luck with your search.  If you need more info, drop me a line.  I am a Californian and have been living in Can Tho for almost 3 years now.



In regard to the home styles, unfortunately, that is just the way they build them here, giant match-boxes.  Homes like those you see in the American suburbs are considered mansions, hard to come by and quite expensive. 

Con Khuong island, which is also close to Trung Tam Thuong Mai Cai Khe, has a few of them.  You might want to check that area out too.  It is one of the more desirable living areas in Can Tho.  However, from what I had seen, your chance of finding a match-box styled home with an elevator is much better than one of those mansion types.

Again, good luck.


Hi Howie,

Thank you so much for the information.  My husband will be in Can Tho looking for housing today.  I'm sure your info will be very helpful.

I will be joining him at the end of October.

How do you like Can Tho?  Any good western places to eat?  Good pizza?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Phyllis,

You don't have to thank me; I am just passing on to you what others had passed to me.  So, feel free to contact me if you guys need more info or help. 

Getting a house to suit your lifestyles here is tough.  It took me 3 months before I found the place that I am currently living at.  I didn't know exactly how I should have lived to fit the local taste and timetable; there were so many adjustments that I had to make.  Then, there were that shock in the rental contract negotiation; I had to re-acquaint myself with the low-ball tactic.  But, thanks to my Vietnamese backgrounds, everything turned out fine.

I love Can Tho.  The pace of life here fits me really good.  This is the craddle of South Vietnamese cookings and cultures.  There are lots to learn and enjoy here.  Western?  Not so much, especially American...  There are only 2 retired couples and me here now.  There is KFC and a couple of pizza and steak houses; but they taste like nothing back home. 

I usually make my own western dishes.  Recently, thanks to the helps of the guys on this blog, that department has improved a great deal with the addition of BBQ and Tabasco sauces, American beefs and ribs... 

Ooooh, I forgot!  If you guys hadn't done so, please stock up on the medications:  Tylenols, anti-diarhea pills, cough drops, etc.  They are hard to come by in Vietnam.

I have gotten to run now.  Again, feel free to contact me if you need anything, and welcome to Can Tho.


Hi I am an expat from the US Ive lived here for several years. Cantho is a nice place to live, people here are nice and frienfly. The city offers a much but at a cheaper price, less pollution, less crowded and traffic than HCM City. It is a beautiful and safe city. The downtown area called Trung Tam Thuong Mai Cai Khe (Cai Khe center) offers a variety of entertainment, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and night clubs...Nguyen Trai street is the haute culture street filled with fashion stores.

Ninh Kieu wharf is a historical site, but not a lot of things to do,it is more like a playground place for kids. You should take a boat ride early in the morning for a visit at the floating market. Cantho has Metro supermarket, Coopmart, Citimart, Maximart, Vinatex. They are building BigC at South Cantho. As for the western food,try Jollibee fastfood at Coopmart,KFC at Vinatex. Howie doesnot know that pharmacies have everything here from cold remedies,diarrhea, antibiotics,medicaldrugs no need prescriptions

You should try the local foods. Its good and its cheap.

By the way Cantho is developing fast. They are building new constructions, high rise buildings everywhere. Alot of people from other parts of Vietnam move here because they like the climate,the people, the easier life here, more chances of investments, affordable housing and foods, the beautiful greeneries. The most affordable city in VN to live that offers comfortable western amenities.

Cantho has an international airport too. Theres HSBC bank here. theres international school here, international hospital but everything here are cheaper than other cities

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Hi, I have been in Cantho for almost 3 years.  It no longer like 5 years ago.  Ninh Kieu wharf is getting unsafe even on a broad day light.. thief, robbers on bikes, snatch thief, and once a while they carried knife, crimes like these are increasing. I almost met one on a Sunday morning - just 1 weeks ago.. i shouted and pointed his back direction 'Cong An' (police!).
The lovely things is people are more friendly.
There isnt any Condo type apartments in Cantho.  A couple of places like Nam BO resturant, Lac Ca are more suitable for foreigners... others i still not getting use to even I have been living 1 week per month for the past 3/4 years!   Yes, I agreed cost of living is cheaper than in Saigon.  Think of it like a Resort then everything is fine tho!

go to Cai Khe center it is just like District 1 in Hochiminh city a lot of hotels restaurants coffee bars nightclubs there, prices are cheaper too. like Trân Văn Kheo street, lê lợi street, nguyển trải street...there are alot of things to do to eat to drink and to shop at these streets in Cai KhÊ Center (Trung tâm thương mại cai khê) that is where the locals and expats go to.

I would like to meet other westerners in Can Tho.  I live in KDC Nam Long.

Hello ChrisFox,

This thread is a little old. It might be a better idea to start a new thread on forum Ho Chi Minh City.
You could start by introducing yourself it always work like a charm to meet new people.

Best of luck,

Budman1, ChrisFox, Wild_1, tvv2005, jbay1943 are all living there.

IIf you copy the names into a PM and write a note, it will reach them all. Some have posted above.

Hey, thanks for that.  I've done so.

I read some posts from some group in TPHCM but all they talk about is drinking.

i love cantho . its just that i do not know what to do there for a living. any tips??

what kind of job are you looking for? there are plenty.


Can Tho is like any other place, it has a lot to offer.  How much?  Well, that depends on what you are good at.  It is a the third, if not second, largest city in Vietnam.  However, Can Tho is mostly agriculture and aquaculture based.  That is one of the primary reasons I love this place so much; it really keeps me away from all the pollutions of industrialization. 

If you can't find your niche, don't feel bad.  It took me a good 10 years to consider this place.  But now, I don't even bother to look around any more.  Can Tho will be my primary place of residence, over any other place, including sunny southern California.

I hope this will help you somewhat.

Best wish,

Hi guys,

We're moving in Cantho next month :). It would be great if we can catch up one day in Cantho. I am Viet and my husband is Australian.


I think it all comes down to what you want to get from living in a place. Some people adapt to places others dont. Can Tho is big enough to have wha you need and also small enough not to be polluted like Saigon and Han Oi. I think Can Tho would be a nice place to live for awhile, but dont expect to meet too many expats down there.

You won't meet many expats here.  There are some. 

Don't bring a dog.  There's a whole industry devoted to stealing them.  The less you know about it, the better.  A dozen stolen on my block in 2.5 years.  Ours was stolen right in front of the house, the housekeeper's life threatened. 

We live in south CT.  Please get in touch after you're settled or if you need help getting situated.

CT is a big city but most people are transplanted villagers, uncultured and crude.  They litter, they smoke, they yell, and they drive like maniacs.  There are a few tiny enclaves where the genteel gather, like the Trung Nguyên at BigC.  Not a single theater in the whole city.  Adaptation has not been easy and people make no effort to understand my poor Vietnamese, responding to my careful pronunciation sounding like their tongues have been cut out. 

Overall, I'm disappointed but by next year things will be so bad in the USA that moving back is out of the question,

In relation to the locals not making an effort to try an understand what your saying, seems to be a common thread among expats. I know and understand that the language is tonal, but for petes sake, many just dont want to try, its very frustrating.The dog stealing is definately a problem, but in the center of VN they seem to catch the thiefs and burn them.Maybe if the government had some type of regulation for the dog meat business it would be better, but alas, no rules so its open slather.

Locals know I will pay to hospitalize the dognappers.  But people here are cowards, neighbor had a dog run around the corner, by the time she caught up he was gone already.  A dozen workers in sight, she asks, they all give that infuriating hand waggle. 

I have pretty good northern pronunciation, which is the TV and government standard, my tones are good.  Anyone I get to know understands me fine.  But talk to most locals and it's that goddamn waggle and "cow hoo," which is Avox for không hiểu.  I don't understand.  Ask them to slow down, ask them to stop yelling from two feet away, no effect.  I've reached a state of discouragement where I haven't actively studied for a year.  I need to get over that, I live here; I can read fine, I write better than 90% of American Vietnamese and spell better than most people here, but the language is so fast, the pronunciation can be so sloppy, so much discriminatory detail is omitted (d-, gi-, and v- all sound the same here) that it feels hopeless.

There another thing.  This weird unconsciousness.  Changing lanes without looking, cutting right in front if cars, and yes people do get killed; walking through a closed door and leaving it gaping open, a workplace with an empty tool rack and tools all over the room.   At my gym these guys with college tshirts will take three pair of barbells off the rack, smile smile smile, use maybe one and just leave them on the floor, middle of the aisle.  I've tripped on them before.  I do not get these people. 

The food is great, I have a few friends, but I really have no use for this culture.

And don't get me started on what they regard as music.


Feel free to drop me a line when you have some time or questions.  I should be back in Can Tho in September.



ChrisFox :

I write better than 90% of American Vietnamese and spell better than most people here

IF that is true, I can't see why you'd have so much trouble communicating. 

I am only half as good as you.  But, the locals follow my instructions to the teeth...

Hi there..

Sorry to ask but can I find Clean room in CanTho 200$
or can it be a nightmare like somethings in Vietnam...

Best Regards Steve and....Keep away from drunks...

Interesting about the robbers...
but I will come to Can tho and look for a room.. do you any advice
on around $200 month...Take Care Steve..


The lowest rate I have tried was a $300/mo room, at a local hotel.  But, I have heard of local college students living in $50/mo rooms.  I have not been to one, yet.  So, I can't really tell you what the conditions are like.


You want a nhà trợ.  About 1-2 mil ($50-100) per month.  We own four of them and I think we have one open.

Many Thanks for your help..

Hi Howie..

Cheers for the info,, looks like you know Can Tho better than viets..

Best Wishes...Steve

Those things are usually meant for temporary workers and they are exceedingly bare, the whole point being to live as cheaply as possible, not the sort of place you'd want to spend the rest of your life in.  You can write me at cheopys[at]gmail,com if you want to know more (and no, this isn't a come-on to rent you ours, it will probably be rented any time now, those things go fast .. ours were taken before construction was finished).


All "nha tro(s)" are temporary.  They are intended for people from afar, like migrant workers and college students.  Yes, they are typically unfurnished.  I am not too sure about you, but I like to be free of the things I can not carry and people I don't need to deal with. 

As a result, I chose to live in hotels, when I first arrived in Can Tho.  Once I had my bases covered, I moved to a place that suited me best.  Yet, in the beginning, I still had unwelcome visitors...  :D

Hotels mean people yelling into cell phones in the hall at 3AM.  Then standing right in front of your door smoking and yelling.

My personal opinion is that is totally gross to eat poor doggies! My cousins eat dog meat in addition to other gross things I won't mention.



Ay, Caramba!  You don't like dog?  How are you going to drink beers with me?  Dog is a dish of delight!  :idontagree:

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