Shirwani Required for Wedding :)

Dear All,

I am looking for stores in Dubai from where I can buy a Shirwani for my wedding. I tried to find places on internet but in Vein.

If you guys have idea from where I buy good Shirwani that would be really helpful.


Hi Nably, congratulation for your wedding!


Thanks Harmonie...

I think no one has idea from where can I find one :(

lol look online there are stores like manyavar, my cousin brother got one from there recently and its decent. if your sherwani has cufflink holes like my cousin brother, can get cheap cufflinks from

Hello Yellowbeats,

The post of Nably is from 2011, surely he has already found his Sharwani by now.

Anyway, thanks for your feedbacks. Do not hesitate to participate on more recent threads of the Dubai forum.

All the best,

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