moving to Hyderabad and searching for work ..


I am moving to Hyderabad at the very beginning of next year (Jan 2012). I am a UK qualified commercial solicitor/lawyer and I have been searching and applying for jobs in Hyderabad for the last month or so, though I am unfortunately not receiving any joy with email responses.

Can anyone please suggest the best method and/or any other alternative method of contacting companies in Hyderabad. Also any advice as to what jobs are available or would suit my qualifications/skill set and any potential employers.

I would be grateful to receive your response/s in this regard.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Hi ukmover,

Welcome to! :)

You may want to put an advert in the Hyderabad classifieds > job section as well.

I wish you good luck in your job search.

Hi Christine, many thanks for your reply as well as the advice.  I have submitted an advert on Hyderabad classifieds and I am also adding my details on job search engines (i.e. monsterindia and 

I tried telephoning a couple of companies this AM but no answer.  I will continue to persevere and fingers-crossed I hear something very soon.

Once again thank you :)

Hello ,
could you please tell us what kind of job are you exactly looking for? i can give you a suggestion, as your from UK your english might be pretty good and you can work as an english teacher or in any call center. If you need anytin more let me know

Hi ukmover,
You have opportunities to get job in Hyderabad. Try to attend the walkins in MNS companies you can get a good job here.
Search list of mnc companies in Google and go for walkins it is easy to get a job.
If you require any further information please let me know so that I can give further guidance.

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