Badminton or squash anybody?

Hey all,

Looking for ppl to form a group that can get together every week to play badminton or squash and after that go for a meal or a drink.

Anyone interested?

me! me! me! I am a lousy player though ;P

haha....its fine
only playing to keep healthy and relief stress.
badminton or squash?

I can join badminton session but not so good at it. Let me know the date and avenue. Thanks!

Hi Alex,
I'd like to join badminton,
I never play squash, but maybe I can try.


cool.....we could probably play during the weekends. will keep all of you informed.

i would also like to join thou i dont play well.......:)
but i knw how to play.....


i never try to play squash but sounds interesting :)

Hi guys,
Badminton, i m in if you re still seeking players.
Just let me know!

See u!

wanna Join!
see u first
dec.4 @ marina square..

Count me in for badminton :)

Thanks for the initiative Alex.

got it.
pls message me which are u stay in so that i can try to find a common location to book courts. tnx

@cat0226 : ok, wud love to be there, but no promises....tnx

hi, I'm interested in playing badminton and squash on a regular basis. Do you have a group that I may join in?***


Hi alex. Peny here. I am from malaysia and nice meeting you. I am looking for squash kaki. Where u guys usually play at? And the session? I stayed in tpy btw. **

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