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Thanks man....

There is a very well equipped, fair size fitness centre (Fitness maker) that opened a couple of months back in King Faisal West Road across the road from Hyundai


I saw the gym, It's nice and clean, but they are not accepting monthly or 3 months membership, It's only 1 year.

I am not permanently working in Jubail, I work here for 3 months period only.


I found a gym at King Faisal West Road near to Hyundai Showroom, Fees are 3000 SR per year.

They have Swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, new gym equipment.


arcangel042281 :

I hope, I can find a gym too in Jubail, I leave at ALFA One KIM's Hospital

If you are staying at KIM's you have two easy options.
1) Najoom Gym, Its oppostite to old Hyper Panda adjacent to a petrol pump.
2) Jubail Sports Club, its few more kilometers away from Najoom.

Hope you understand!

May I know the exact location and name of the gyms

Hi All,

I have joint Fitness Maker on King Faisal Street West (Opposite Hyundai showroom).  Some serious equipment in there ,more than enough for me to play with.

They are currently offering 3 month, six month, year memberships with a summer offer of 50% off. Interestingly the 50% off price is the same as was offered a few months ago so where was the discount? Still I get to use a good gym. Opens at 0800H Sat - Thurs - Closed Fridays from 09.01.2015.

Happy with what is available.


can u tell me any  gym in near saudi airlines???

Does anyone know the price list of intercontinental gym ?

What is the price list?

Jubail high Rise hotel is near to you.gym and spa are available

can u give me details of the gym in Jubail industrial area

Hi @ricky1512, there are two Fitness Time gyms in Royal Commission area - one in Jalmudah, one in Al-Ferdos. There are also gyms in Karan Hotel Fanateer and Intercontinental Hotel.

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