Anyone have any good recommendations on a quality VPN...my computer in my apartment is very old (it runs windows 2000) so I need one that preferably doesnt require complicated installation (the ops is also in chinese).  Any help will be greatly appreciated, as I cant watch Fmaily guy or True Blood and its driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance!

I am using Astril for half a year now, never had any problem so far.

Have no idea whether it's fit for windows 2000 though but I think their website and/or helpdesk is pretty helpful.

Well you really got an old PC :D
As far as the VPN recommendation is concerned, I guess I have a very good suggestion for you. I am a user of [moderated: spam] for more than 6 months now and believe me their service is really good. The best thing about them is that
a. Their support staff is really efficient, so if you get stuck they'll make sure to dig you out
b. They offer free unlimited server switches which makes it such a tempting choice.

You can definitely use it on Windows 2000. Definitely recommended :)

I don't use any VPN so far. But know many people as Hans who are using Astril. And they are all happy with it.
About Johnsnm - seems there is a good reason that he is banned. He even gave you the VPN name in public. So better don't trust his advice. Too bad that this bann feature just work by IP Address. So VPN doesn't work on this gues. On the other hand, it profes that VPN works well, hehe.

So giving a VPN provider's name in the public gets you banned as well :O
that's quite interesting..
I thought if you spam and over dose forums with links only then you get banned..

Hi WilsonJ, if you've got any query, please contact us.


@WilsonJ: we get banned on an Expat.com if we share infos about VPN here? Wow, that would mean that most foreign websites will have no Expats Members from China anymore. I don't think that you get banned by this. Even the chinese Goverment don't blog website that share this informations. It is all about money. Nothing else.
Peace and VPN for everybody and a happy new Year.

@Harmonie: Seems that you have to read a lot. And not only that, so far I found you on most Posts in China Forum. That makes a lot writing stuff. Just wondering, hehe. Wish also the Expat-Blog Team happy new Year.

Thanks Asmus, Happy New Year to you too.;)

PS: Sorry for being off-topic.:P

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