Public transportation in the Basque Country

Hi all,

What do you think about the means of transportation in the Basque Country ?

Is the network of means of transportation well developed?
What modes of transport are available?

Do you use them?

How much is a fare?

Are they relatively safe?

What is the mean of transportation you use the most in the Basque Country?

Thanks in advance for participating!

Hi there. I live near Bilbao, the main city of the Basque Country and the public transportation, in general, is quite good and very safe. It depends where u live, but in the metropolitan area of Bilbao we have metro (underground), tram, buses...all these transports are very safe, clean and moderns. The fare...well, if u take an all pourpose ticket for all the transportations (metro, bus, tram..), the fare is about 1 € the trip.
If u want to travel to another cities (san sebastian, vitoria, gernika...) there are many buses, and the fare depends of the destination (for ex. from Bilbao to San Sebastian, 100 kms far away, the bus is about 7-8 €). In Bilbao we ahve an international airport, very used to go to Madrid, BArcelona, Sevilla, Loondon, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Canary Islands, lots of destiantions more.
But as i don´t know where are u going to live, i can´t tell u exactly the informtion. Anyway, Basque Country is, in general, quite expensive (to rent a flat, restaurants...), like Barcelona or MAdrid (these are the 3 more expensives places in Spain).

Thanks for the info kokoliso !

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