English speaking expats in Curitiba

My name is Darren, I am from Sydney Australia, I live here in Curitiba, I am looking to have conversations with people where English is their first language. I still have difficulty communicating with people in Portuguese. Can anybody relate?
Kind regards

Hi Darren!

Have you tried to do a language exchange? This may be very helpful.

Don't forget that you have the possibility to post it in the classifieds.


Hello Harmonie
I am not sure but what is a language exchange?

It's often called Tandem:
Learning in tandem can be defined as a form of open learning, whereby two people with different native languages work together in pairs in order

    to learn more about one another’s character and culture.
    to help one another improve their language skills.
    to exchange additional knowledge – for example, about their professional life.

You could do a portuguese course with Celin at the UFPR and also enrol in their tandem program or try a site such as MyLanguageExchange.com‏.  If you look in google you will find many others.  Everyone wants to speak to an English speaker.


i suppose there are quite a few English speakers in curitiba, and i also know that they play cricket on weekends, may be if you are interested you can contact them from here brasilcricket.org



Darren I have read that there are two or three english speaking churches in Curitiba. I do not want to persuade you to be Christian, but if you look for native English speakers possibly you can find some there and just relay on what's going on without so many language troubles in Portuguese....

1.- the English speaking church, which meets at First Baptist of Curitiba.

2.- http://calvarycuritiba.com/

3.- http://icespib.multiply.com/

I hope I could help.

Hey Darren,

I lived in Curitiba for a year and a half participating in a student exchange there. I went to Celin at UFPR to learn english but didnt't find it as effective as i wanted. I ended up hiring a private teacher to learn Portuguese. I had intensive classes 5 days a week for three months then as my portuguese got better i cut the classes down one by one. This method was highly effective for me, so if you are still looking to learn more portuguese i suggest trying to hire a private professor.

Good Luck,


Hello Sarah
I also believe a private teacher would be better for me.  Can you recommend a good private Portuguese teacher?
Kind regards

Hi Daren,
I could teach you portuguese and you do the same with english? What do you think about it?

Hi Bortoli > this is an old thread. I suggest you to post an ad in the Curitiba classifieds > language exchange section.

Thank you,

I visited Curitiba twice and I really love the place, the weather and been used to the foods too.
I will be travelling back to Curitiba before the end of this year (2013). I am looking for a work (preferably into hospitality kind of work). I prefer to work and also enroll myself to a Portuguese class.
If anyone knows some opening job and cheaper school that offer the said language, please drop me a line.


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Hey man, I'm back and forth in Curitiba, shoot me a private message and I can add you on fb

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