Doing business in DR.

Yes the capital has higher end cars but also a lot more competition.

Sure! Some of my clients are Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Chrysler,  Jeep, Fiat, Toyota new car dealers and also baby a "by reference only " luxury and exotic vehicle, boat and yatch owners.
If you text me privately I can give you my facebook page and see som of my work. Im not a good facebook advertiser since I've been used to screen my potential clients in person.

One detail i research yesterday is that there are more newer SUV's (jeepetas) being sold than cars in the country. Medium price for a 3-6 yrs old is $15-100k US.
This vehicles are requiring reconditioning since more and more vehicles are becoming presentation cards that represents who we are. This type of vehicles need acid rain removal, decontamination, polishing and paint sealants to maintain integrity of investment. Sounds to me that theres a wider potential market in more than Punta Cana and the capital. What would we rather do when investind 20-50k on a vehicle, wait till the paint peels off by not caring for it or have it reconditioned every yearnor two and maintain eastetic and better representation specially if we are representing an entity or business?

Just brainstorming

Your logic is not wrong but it may or may not apply here!!!  :D

Don't think most folks here think that way
And a lot of the "super cars" are owned by politicians and high ranking Army, police etc.  They tend to just replace their cars every couple of years.

Bob K

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