Employment Pass Rejected

No (unless you apply for a DP for the spouse).

Thanks....but mom dont ask for the spouse education certificate. ....only the university name and passing out year they need.....still they can check??

hi Beppi,

Need help to know how many days it will take for EP to get approved.
The current status is showing as "Pending inputs from vetting agencies. Expected outcome is 2 months from the Date of Application"

Date of Application is on 20/08/2013.

Its been one month still status has not changed, can any one please let me know still how many days it will take or is there any chances of rejection?


An EP can take between two days and several months to be processed.
In your case, "pending inputs from vetting agencies" means they are currently checking your credentials with the issuing authorities (in your home country). This takes as long as these authorities need to respond.
MoM seems to have experience with your country's response time and thus indicated two months expected. (But in reality it could be more or less.)
Since you waited only one month so far, there is no reason to worry yet.
There is also nothing you can do to accelerate the process.


Thanks for you reply, we are waiting for one month and need to wait more.
But is there any chances of rejection after these stage?

"Vetting" means verifying the information given in your application.
The decision to approve or reject is made after that.

Hi beppi please answer to my question also.....

I thought yours were answered?
Yes, they can check anything they like.

thanks ..

will wait for it and see when it will approve..

hi Beppi,

we got a reply from HR of our company saying EP is rejected but they have asked additional documents, will they check again the extra documents and approve or reject.

They have asked all the educational documents from Primary level.

Certified true copy: about the copy of your bachelor and master degrees provided before, MOM requires the true copies with certification.

Can i know what is Certified true copy, we have provided Original document to them.

Can you please help to explain ..

certified true copies means getting a copy of the original cert that you are holding and getting it attested by a govt notary

If rejected, they won't ask for additional documents. You can appeal a rejection, but that only helps if you provide additional information that was not included in the original application.
If it's not rejected (yet), provide all the documents and information they ask for.
"Certified true copy" means a trusted authority vouches that the copy is the same as the original. Public notaries offer such service, as do certain government offices and most embassies.

From the fact that your application was at the "vetting" stage for a long time and they now ask for additional documents about your education, I guess that they did not receive a (satisfactory) answer from your university about the authenticity of your degree. If that is the case, you need to prove by other means that your certificate is legitimate.

can i know in india from where we can get it certified which are officials are authorized to certify.

In MOM the status is saying still pending inputs from vetting agencies, but HR says its rejected and send the additional documents.. what that means what exactly mom is doing don't know.

Do we see rejected status in MOM website or we get mail to HR says its been rejected?

you can find a govt notary anywhere in india..just enquire with some lawyers or bar council.its quite easy 2 find out

As I said, MoM won't ask for additional documents if it's already rejected.
Give them what they ask for, otherwise it will be rejected.

Thanks .. will surely give the necessary documents..

Type ACCRA plus Singapore on any search engine and the answer appears.

It will be better if you ask Singapore law firms to certify true copies for you. But provided your originals are also real. Who knows, too many fakes certificates around, especially  from countries of suspect. Good to see MOM heeding the cries of local professionals, at last..

ACCRA has nothing to do with Employment Passes (EP).
It is for registering businesses.
EPs are issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MoM).

beppi :

ACCRA has nothing to do with Employment Passes (EP).
It is for registering businesses.
EPs are issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MoM).

Yes, I know that well. Sorry, I was responding by mistake to an earlier post. I am from Singapore and knowledgeable enough to even know how my Govt works..

Hi Beppy,

Hope you're well. I have another question that I would like to ask you. Can employment agencies apply for Letter of Consent as well?

Thank you!

Employment agencies in Singapore cannot apply for anything.
They can only match job seekers and employers who are hiring. And they must (by law) do this free of charge for the job seeker.
Most Singapore employment agencies are also of limited use for all involved.

Hiii bappi
I have another question....I m applying for ep but for my highest education(post graduate) I have only transcript (degree) certificate dont have the marksheets.....and as per mom rules educations from india required the both.....do u think it will be problem to get the approval.


My user name is Beppi, not bappi.
It is not clear from your post whether you have the degree certificate or only a transcript. But if both is required, you need to supply both.
MoM will also investigate with your university if your degree is legitimate. Many degrees (especially Indian ones from smaller or less well-known schools) are not recognised by MoM.

Hii beppi....I have the degree certificate from the well known university of india.....and its listed with mom also.....I dont have the mark sheet only......and about the verification there is no problem bcoz its 100% %genuin ......I m just worried for marksheets as if they adk I have to go for the duplicate marksheets and it take time...

hi Beppi/All,

Mine EP has been approved.. thanks all for you support.
We had applied last week with true copy.


One of the Employer applied for EP or S PASS. I am checking the status through EP Online but error shows No record found with some code E0000236. What is this code ? and Can I check the status regularly ? How many days it will be taken.

When did your employer apply? It may take a few days to show up in the system.
You can call MoM and ask for the status of your application. They may also be able to tell you the meaning of the code.
Once it shows up, you can check the status online as often as you like.
The time between application and decision (rejection or approval) can be anything between a few days and two months.

Hi Beppi,
Hope you are well and thanks for your time in advance..
I applied for a new EP now with the post of Director and a salary of SGD 12,000/-
Our conditions have changed many including 2 head counts (both Singaporean)
but my qualifications has not improved (Diploma) and rest of the conditions remain the same..
do you think there is a chance now for the EP?
Thank you very much..

Hi Vic,

The Singapore government is constantly tightening the criteria for employment passes, in the face of locals complaining about having no job while foreigners are employed. You did yourself no favour by waiting such a long time (and not pursuing the alternative routes I pointed out above).
The salary requirement for a P1 EP is still at S$8000/month, but might be raised soon (probably to less than S$12000/month, so there you're fine).
But the educational requirements for P1, the only EP formerly available to non-degree-holders, are now officially the same as for other EPs. The wording is vague and there is no more list of officially recognised degrees and schools, but the intention of this change was certainly not to make getting EP easier for anybody. The government still has a motivation to attract high-flyers without degree, so I suspect P1 could still be possible for them in certain circumstances, but they will look much closer at the credentials, business potential and what you can give to Singapore.
There's, as of yet, no circumstantial evidence how the new rules are applied, so you need to try to find out. A first (non-binding) indication is given by the self-assessment tool at http://sat.mom.gov.sg/satservlet. Be prepared for another rejection, and make alternative plans because I fear this time it will be final.

Good luck,

I am in tourist visa for finding a job, now one company told we take you in work permit as worker for office assistant, but I am IT engineering student , now I get this job, in future can I change my job for my related jobs with epass or spass. Is it possible.

Then now I have spent 2 months in Singapore as a tourist, then when I reapply for tourist visa or any other way to come Singapore for finding job. Is any possible please help me .. Mr. Beepi

Hi Carinfire,

There is no rule against getting a job lower than your qualifications, or against later changing to a better job and higher visa class.
But MoM does look at various criteria, among them how well your background fits the job description and whether you are likely to stay in that job for long. You obviously fare badly in both respects.
You can only try your luck and apply to find out.

I also cannot tell you whether you will get another tourist visa. A rule of thumb is up to 3 months in Singapore in any 6 months period is o.k., but ICA decides on its own discretion.
If you applied for an extension (to 90 days) while you are here and it was rejected, you sure won't get a tourist visa by any other means.

Good luck!

Thanks for your clarification mr.beppi I would like to know any other visa to continue in Singapore or come next month to sg. Job searching visa is available or not? What is the way to stay here for business or finding job.

The kind of visa you can get depends on the purpose of your trip. For short-term visits (incl. tourism, visiting friends or relatives, medical treatment, job search, business trips, short trainings, etc.) the Short-term Visit Pass (SVP) is the correct visa. I assume you have this one currently. It can be extended to up to 89 days.
A visa for longer stays (Long-term Visit Pass, LTVP) is available for visitors who have close relatives in Singapore who are either citizens or PR, who act as guardian for an underaged student on Student Pass, or for certain kinds or long-term medical treatment.
Another alternative, for up to 6 months incl. the permission to work, is the Work Holiday Pass (WHP). You need to be full-time student, 18 to 25 years old and fulfill a number of other criteria to get this. See http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/ … fault.aspx for more information.

Hi Beppi,
hope you are doing well and thanks for your time..
as mentioned I applied for the pass 2 weeks ago and then today I check online on the Employment pass application status using my FIN and other details on the MOM website..
it says as follows  for the status -
Pass :  Employment Pass
Category  :  P1
Status :  Approved
Does this mean that the pass is approved??? Its really confusing as its not clear whether they accept the application or the Pass is Approved..
thanks for your time and help really....regards, Vic

This means your pass is approved.

Wow...thanks so much.. Am really happy..

Hi Beppi/all
have a curious case. I am here on a dp currently working with LOC. before i got this particular job, I applied for EP for a number of other jobs but was rejected with no reasons given (except for one time that it was a quota issue). anyway, i have worked in this current firm for one year and have found another job which pays $8k, an increase on my current earnings. new employer applied for ep and was rejected, no reason given. the employer spoke to mom on the fone and was told no need to appeal as it would be rejected again. they said employer should ask me why my ep would be rejected.
i find this very strange as i do not have any criminal record or whatever from any part of the world and know no reason why it should automatically be rejected. i have a degree and a number of professional certifications and have been working for about 5years in related field. now i really just want to know what they found so awful that they say i wont ever get an ep. is there anyway i can find this out?
thanks for your response

Only MoM knows the actual reason for your rejections. Call them and ask!

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