Employment Pass Rejected

As Surya and me already explained, we think it is unlikely that you get a work pass. But we don't know everything and in the end MoM decides, so maybe you are lucky.
But then still you will not be able to bring your baby to Singapore, as neither you (with less than S$5000 salary) nor your bf (assuming he is the father) can sponsor it.

Thank you so much beppi! I really appreciate all ur advice..😊
May God bless you!

Agreed with Beepi. Kindly consider his suggestion and return to your country. Wait for the right opportunity then try again. Sorry, to say at this point, chances are looking slimmer. Wish you and family all the best. Good luck

There is one more idea I have, but it probably only adds to your chasing drams:
If the baby is Singapore citizen, nobody needs to sponsor him/her.
If your bf is the father, he can apply for citizenship for the baby:
https://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/over … nship.html

I don’t think child born in Singapore looking at the situation at bf’s end and both r not married. It would be too costly for her to deliver a baby in Singapore (as a foreigner). Anyway, good luck to the family.

Thanks beppi!

He can apply even he is declared as bankcrupt?
But since i gave birth in phil the other people told us need DNA test first to apply..

Thank u surya! I appreciate ur idea..

But at this moment my application (spass/epass) already submit.. As my employer and agent said..

I will wait for the result first.. Then watever result i know God has plan for us..

Thank u so much surya!
May God bless you!

Riane23 :

He can apply even he is declared as bankcrupt?
But since i gave birth in phil the other people told us need DNA test first to apply..

There might be further roadblocks, as you said. But I simply don't know, so you'd have to find some other expert to ask about this. Don't put your hopes high!

Thank u so much beppi!😊

Hi, Beppi

My employer’s first attempt to apply for my EP got rejected. Soon after I found out about this, my headhunter told me that my employer will re-appeal. However, when I checked MOM site, it is still showing the first applications details. Meaning it still shows my “rejection status”.

Shouldnt MOM site show “pending” if my employer has sent out their re-appeal?

Please advise. Thanks.

This query has been answered many times in last few months alone. Please go through other threads related to pass approval.

Pertaining to your query, the answer is NO. MoM only changes the record if the appeal is successful. Otherwise, there is no changes to the original outcome which was “rejected”. Good luck.


Good day to all,

My current situation is I was working for company A with an ep for almost 9 months and I got an offer from company B with an  ep.Just because Company B is nearer to my home country I decided to switch to company B. Due to the change of work environment and company policies , I could not cope and I left this company and I am quite lucky because my boss from Company A still wants me to join his company. Currently the job has been posted in jobs bank and EP will be applied next week. What is the possibilities of my ep being approved and how fast it will be?

Thanks guys

MoM does consider each application on its merit, so nobody will tell you whether the application would be successful or not. As you can see, we have mentioned many times that it may takes from a week to a month or more, so again nobody can tell you how many days it will take. Good luck

Nobody other than MoM can answer your questions.

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