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Good afternoon everyone.

I just have few queries about my application and I hope you can help me.

Last week, my employer applied E pass for me with $4,800 salary and I am really worried and I keep on checking the Mom website 3 times in a day. Does it affect the online processing of my pass?


I didn't get your query, which part will affect the pass process from MoM? Your salary or you are checking 3 times a day? But anyway none of the above will have an impact on MoM's decision. Hope for the best and have patience. It can take more than even 2 months to see the result. So, no need to check 3 times a day.

Thank you..

Hi, anyone help me plss...
Can company apply both ep pass and spass at one time?

On the application form, there is a check box "Consider candidate for S-Pass if ineligible for EP" (or similar wording). If the company marks that, both will be considered.
Please note that S-Passes are subject to quotas and levies (which the company has to pay the government for employing a foreigner), so many companies are unwilling to do this.

I use eponline to check application status, It shows that my ep got rejected, it didnt show anything on spass and i believe company apply both passes for me. Does it mean sp also rejected?

Your employer should call MoM and ask!

I'm just here to post an update.

Wow, my EP application has been pending for 3.5 months now. I think this is longer than most that I have seen in this forum.

You're setting new records!
Did your employer contact MoM and ask what is happening? If so, what was the answer?

Hi beppi! You are still most active, I see. :)

Yeah I was just on the phone with my employer and they said that HR has been trying to get updates from MoM but MoM only mentioned that they are still reviewing my application. So I just have to wait some more.

Wishing you all the best. By the time you get good news, hopefully then your application must have created unbeatable record of 4 months pending for an EP ! ;)

sandestiny Today 14:41:05
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Hi, I share my EP experience.

I was graduated bachelors mechanical Engg from India. And came to SG for work by work permit -1year. Later went to India for some reason and worked there for 2years.
Later on again I came back to SG by S-pass and for almost 6years in a govt sector with 3200$ /month.

During that time I did my Master degree in engineering from NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY part time with service obligation.

Now I got job offer from MNC with my same job role and a quoted salary of 5800$ /month. My application was started since 22Sep2016 and within 7 days got rejected. Again with my consultant support, second time applied somewhere 17Oct2016 and got rejected as well.

Later on my consultant asked me to send my tax bill, pay slip and bank statement. Together with that they sent the actual job contract copy to me to get sign and revert.

Once again applied on 4Nov2016, now I'm waiting for my LUCK to get approved.

Both the admin,

What's your view on my case and referred your previous threads, the EP goes 5 step process. Especially I'm here to hear more about the 3step PENDING TO VET THE DOCUMENTS. Coz until now I didn't see such status in my process.

Thanks in advance😃

I'm not an admin, so not sure if you want to hear my response.
In any case, your working here on WP and S-Pass before means your Indian degree is not recognised by MoM (otherwise degree holders should get an EP). I am surprized NTU admitted you into a M.Sc. course with that.
Now, with a local M.Sc. you should not have a recognition problem. So something else led to the rejections. The salary, although low, should still be in the permitted range (as far as I know). There are several other possibilities, but your message doesn't give a clue which one it is.
Vetting of documents is not done for every applicant - and local degrees/experience needs no vetting.

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for the comments, my bachelor is from recognised university and its in MOM list as well. That's y I'm able to work currently in NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC - RESEARCH ENGG. Later only I was able to upgrade my Masters from NTU.

Here I'm just sharing my case for upcoming users. Though each and every case may have different perspectives.

Thanks man for your time

sandstiny, please read carefully what Beppi says. His points are very valid. In very rare to rare case an Engineer with BE certificate (graduation), doesn't get an EP. Because S pass is meant for diploma or unrecognisable degree certificate.

Secondly, you have mentioned you did Msc part time from Nayang Technology University (which is well recognised all over world, better than IITs in India), but in this case I'm not sure though that whether MoM does accept any such course (part time or weekend course), cause there is a significant difference between a regular course and a part time or weekend course.

Did you or your employer get any details or a line of reason of your EP rejection? Did you check all your documents or experiences mentioned correctly? Now a days, it's heard that people are getting EP approval after 2months or even more. Be patience and good luck.

Hi good day!

I just would like to ask your opinion regarding my situation.

Currently, I am employed in my company as a :
- Jr. Software Engineer (Full Stack Web Developer)
- S-pass with a salary of 2.5k
- Employed for about 6 months

This month we had our annual performance evaluation and my company decided to upgrade my pass from S pass to E pass. But I think this is because most of the employees are on E pass and I think they graduated from NUS/NTU and we are an IT company which commonly has a higher salary. Also, about a third or may be half of the company are PRs or locals.

My question is: what are my chances of being approved?
I have read in this post that MoM is wary of a sudden spike of increase of the salary because of the kickback scheme. But I think I am underpaid and my company is generous enough to correct it.

About myself:
- I have a total of 3 years work experience including the 6 months in my current company.
- Graduated with honors, Cum Laude, in the degree of Computer Science.
- I cant say if my University is recognized by MoM. I tried to search for their official list but have found nothing that is reliable. If you have a link please provide me.

Under the current rules of MoM E pass holders must have a minimum of 3.3k salary and next year it's going to be 3.6k. From my current salary one can say it has a huge difference.
I have no idea how much salary my company applied me for but when I took MoM's Self-Assessment Tool I need to have at least 4.2k salary to qualify for E pass which makes me more worried.

Also, my E pass was applied about 5 days ago. Is the 1 or 2 months really the new norm?
Also, if you have any idea of the salary for fresh grad, 3 years, 5 years I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the long post.

I will say in very short note that MoM will approve your (EP or S pass) based on the documents you have submitted (including your education and experience). Looking at your case, it seems your graduation is not recognised at MoM. Secondly, a computer science graduate with 2yrs or 3yrs experience is earning 2.5k is surprised me. The basic salary for this back ground with such details should be around 4.5k.

All in all, they may approve S pass for you not an EP. And, min salary is just a yardstick, here many S pass holders earning 5k or above cause they are either diploma holders or their graduation is not recognised by MoM. Good luck

Below is the list of institutions which MoM recognises: … itutions#/

MoM is wary of re-applications with higher salary after one was rejected due to too low salary. That has nothing to do with your case!
Pay increases after a promotion are fine - after all, the company can say you proved your worth during the time you already worked for them.
The company can only apply for your EP after having an agreement with you, incl. About the new salary. You should ask them!
The SAT is usually correct about required salary levels. If it says you need S$4.2k/month for an EP, then this is your market rate and the company must give you that to get an EP.
Yes 1-2 months processing time seems to be standard now.

Hi surya2k and beppi,

Thank you very much for your quick reply and insights.

I checked the link and surya2k was right about my institution not being recognized by MoM.

I just want to clarify this though:
here many S pass holders earning 5k or above cause they are either diploma holders or their graduation is not recognised by MoM.

So basically, I can earn above 3.3k(current min.  for EP) even if I only have an S pass?
Actually, I checked with MoM's site and they don't have a maximum salary for S pass only minimum. I'm just not quite sure because I just arrived here in SG and don't have much idea about things here and also haven't heard of an S pass with such a salary.

If this is the case, I don't really mind though. But do you think it will hurt my credentials for future employment? I mean, are there any setbacks to such a case?

Again,  thank you for your time. More power to both of you!!

You are right: There is no maximum salary for S-Pass - whether you get S-Pass or EP depends on your educational background and work experience.
The minimum salary for EP (S$3.3k/month, soon to be raised to S$3.6k/month) is for fresh graduates only and increases with rank and experience - a Ph.D. holder after 17 years work hired as a CXO might need above S$10k/month!
Which pass you are on can only hurt future employment chances if you tell them, which you are not obliged to do. But S-Pass has other disadvantages compared to EP: The employer has to pay a monthly levy for it to the government, falls under certain foreigner quotas - and the employee cannot bring dependents (family).

Hi Beppi

I have committed the same thing like Germy Orange. Im an SPass Holder. They have given me 12 months conditional warning. My IO said I can continue with my life and work as per normal. on the 5th month of my conditional warning. HR called me that they had to cancel my pass as per MOM. 7 months has passed that 12 months conditional warning was cleared. Now I have a job offer in SG. Is there a chance that my pass with approved? Thank you.

Hi Beppi,

So my company applied for EP and it got rejected .the reason stated was adverse records.

I have in the past been caught shoplifting and I was left with a stern warning by the police. I was told that there wouldn't be any police record and it will be "hidden" and the details regarding me were noted just in case if I ever did shoplifting again there would be dire consequences.

Now does this constitute as an adverse record. Would this "hidden" police record perhaps come up during the EP investigation.

Germy Orange

This is conversation was 2015.

Germy Orange/MsCallmeMaybe:
Your two posts above are not clear in what actually happened (especially the first).
The second post is about a verbal warning for shoplifting. If there is really nothing in the police records and you were not convicted of a crime in court, this will most probably not affect any EP application.
But the first post was about a previous S-Pass being cancelled after a "conditional warning" (What is that?). If a previous work pass was cancelled because of something you did, you will probably not receive another Singapore work pass. This is meant by "adverse records".

With their SingaporeansFirst policy, it has been getting tougher for many foreign individuals like us to seek employment.

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