Employment Pass Rejected

Hahaha got it surya2k!
I've prepared one using Microsoft Word.

By the way, if our employer had apply EP for us, we will be able to check the status using eponline?
As i tried to check using my IC and passport number it shows no record...Does it mean my employer didn't apply for me actually?  :(

Your employer can check using the reference number which has been created at the time of your application submitted online.

Below link is for your reference:

As similarly skilled locals must be hired first (by law), it is very difficult to justify hiring a foreign fresh graduate without job-specific knowledge. Therefore it is almost impossible to get an EP below 3 years experience. If your employer wants to try, they must submit a stromg justification why it must be you and why their future plans (and job creation) in Singapore cannot be carried out without you.
Changing the information in the application is a bad idea, as the officer in charge has all your past data and will reject the application for inconclusive details given. In Singapore you must always stay with the truth, or you will regret later!
I do not know how MoM values part-time work. But it sounds like your problem is rather too low salary. In that case only a higher pay (in line with market values for your industry, education and experience) would help.

Hi Beppi and all!

I just want to say thank you guys for this awesome forum. I specifically want to thank Beppi for being so active. You sir are doing the lord's work!

I am currently working in Singapore right now and I currently hold an S pass. I am very lucky and blessed to be working in this wonderful country.

During my free time, I usually browse my linked-in and I saw a job opening in a great company that is inline with my credentials so I tried applying for it. After a few interviews and tests, I was given an offer. Thank you lord! They are now applying for my S pass and I hope it gets approved since this is my dream job. Fingers crossed!

While I am waiting for my pass I stumbled into this forum about passes and the usual reasons for rejections. It really helped give me a peace of mind while waiting for my S pass to be approved since I can get really anxious some times.

As a foreigner in a different country I know how difficult it is to get a job and a pass here in Singapore. I just wanted to thank you guys for answering the inquiries of  stressed out job seekers. You guys are awesome and keep up the great work!

I think it will be better for me to stay here and work for few more years then only I go to work in Singapore as more experience seems more persuasive.

Thanks surya2k and Beppi for advice and help! :top:

hi anyone can help? Will i have higher chance for approval of EP if my employer is a local bank?

lovelycleaner :

hi anyone can help? Will i have higher chance for approval of EP if my employer is a local bank?

Compared to an international bank?
Probably no difference.

beppi :
lovelycleaner :

hi anyone can help? Will i have higher chance for approval of EP if my employer is a local bank?

Compared to an international bank?
Probably no difference.

Thanks for your reply. How abt compare to other companies? And i held EP 3 years ago, and i resigned to go further study, now graduated and find back the same company, but now MOM is more strict on EP application, so i am very worried.

If you had an EP before, for working at the same company, you are probably fine.
The only sticking point might be if there are (or MoM thinks there are) locals who could do the job instead of you. The company must convince them that there are none - e.g. by having locally advertised the job without finding any.

Yes! this is the part i am most worrying abt. Hopefully i will successfully get this job as i still need to serve my tuition grant bond. Hope the boss wont give up on me because the process may take very long.

Hi everyone!

hoping to get some help and a little relief..

I am currently working here in Singapore holding S pass.
Last month a new company applied for S pass for me got it approved but I rejected the offer before the result even came out yet they didn't withdraw. After a week of declining their offer they finally withdraw the pass.

weeks later I got a new job offer with better benefits and salary but the company lacks quota therefore they applied for an Epass for me.
Before submitting an application we did a self-assessment using MOM SAT tool and it shows more likely to qualify for S-pass only; my employer input $3800 as salary by the way.  But despite the SAT tool my employer still proceed with the application and told me that in case it gets rejected she will make an appeal and offer me a higher salary.

Also, during application she mistakenly wrote 1 year and 5 months as working experience instead of 3 years and 8 months (she mistakenly wrote my SG experience rather my total relevant working experience)

1 week later my EP application is rejected with the reason:

"This candidate does not qualify for an Employment pass. An application like this might have been approved in the past. However, our criteria for Employment Pass have been tightened to protect local wages, ensure fair employment opportunities for Singaporeans and to manage our overall workforce numbers. You may wish to consider leaner manpower options or to recruit Singaporeans on merit. If you still choose to employ this candidate, do consider if he/she is able to command a higher salary for the value he/she offers. Before you do, use MOM's SAT tool to work out what you would need to pay this candidate for us to consider your appeal. You can make an appeal through EP online. Otherwise please select a more qualified person.''

The next day my employer submitted an appeal letter explaining why they really want to hire me, she also increase my salary to 4800 (which she tried in SAT first and shoes will likely qualify for both EP/Spass), she also edited my working experience to what it really should be and my position to Senior.

Do you guys think that my appeal has a chance? Also, how long does it usually takes for the process? is it really 3 weeks or longer as stated in MOM's website?

I really do appreciate your responses, Thank you!

You may check other threads in this forum that now a days it may take a month or more as MOM takes their own time and check case by case on it merits.

In your message you are only talking about salary part, but didn't say about your qualification which is one of the major criteria for EP. The minimum qualification for EP is a recognised Bachelor degree or higher, however for S pass a diploma certificate is the eligibility (however a graduate also be considered). So, if SAT is showing you are only eligible for S pass then no point of applying EP which is going to be unsuccessful, no matter you appeal or not.

It looks to me, your employer is trying to fool MOM. How come someone was offered earlier $3800 then because your EP got rejected (as per SAT you were not eligible for EP), then same employer offering $4800 ($1000 higher - which is more than 26% of the previous offer). It looks very unusual to me that a company can offer with such a hike from previous offer looking at today's market situation. So, I feel that if such things come to my mind then there is a possibility that MOM staff too may think the same. So, be careful and do proper assessment rather just appealing.

Wishing you all the best and hope you will get an approval of your pass.

Hi Surya2k thank u for the reply..

When my employer ask for my epected salary I answered 4k++ but they only propose 3800 which I just accepted because Ivreally want to join the company.  However after the application got rejected and advised by MOM to check the SAT again before appeal according to her she tried the SAT from 4000 and only when she offered 4800 that the result shows eligible for EP which she has no choice but to give my expected salary since they are desperately needing a Cardiac Tech and they have been advertising the job for 2-3months already and still can't find a local and so the company cant operate well so they really need to get someone.

As per my education, I have a Bachelor' Degree from a MOM recognize University in my country. Also I have another professional certificate from the specialization I took up for my current profession as Cardiac Tech...

I am really hoping I could get it because I already render my resignation notice at my current company

Wish you good luck, I said the above things as MOM is strict and check all the assessments case by case but if your employer appeal with proper explanation then MOM should reconsider your case.

Thank you for the hopes Suya2k..

I am also desperate right now also thinking if I should start applying to other companies by now.. I am already in my 1 month resignation notice at my current company, I know it was indeed a wrong move to render my resignation even before acquiring security with my pass but I am really hoping I could get a positive result before my notice ends.

MoM was unusually open in your case about the reason for rejection.
Normally, appealing with higher salary is a no-no, because it makes MoM suspect an illegal deal to return some of the raise under the table. But since Cardiac Techs are a rare niche, I think you will be fine.
The processing, however, will probably take longer than your current EP validity. You can then either return home for a short period, continue staying in Singapore on SVP (a non-renewable one month will be given to you automatically when the EP end), or if the new employer needs you really urgently: There was in the past the possibility to get a temporary EP while the full EP is still in process. I haven't heard about this for a while, so am not sure if it still exists, but your employer can ask MoM about it while explaining the urgency (company cannot function without Cardiac Tech). If granted, you can start work there immediately.

Hi beppi!
Reading your reply somehow gave me a little relief..
I am so worried that I may not be able to get it and unsure if I should start looking for another job while I still have time but aside from I really want to get in this company, I also think that another application will make things complicated so all I can do for now is wat, hope and pray that MOM will give chance to my appeal..
anyway, thank you again, I hope result will be out before my pass be canceled lol

You can of course continue applying for other jobs, but if you get an offer, the other company can only aply for your EP od S-Pass after the current application is cancelled (or finally rejected or approved). You can only have one ongoing application at a time!

Thank you beppi!
I will keep that in mind...
for now, gotta deal with the waiting-game hehe hopefully it turns out good. I really do pray

Hi beppi!
Due to constant anxiety and worries about my pass (lol) I came across your reply again..
I just had a second thought about what you said MOM was unusually open about my reason for rejection..
May I ask again, do you think it is really the salary that is the major issue base from MOM's response?
Thank you in advance for your reply :)

Tiffany298810 :

"If you still choose to employ this candidate, do consider if he/she is able to command a higher salary for the value he/she offers. Before you do, use MOM's SAT tool to work out what you would need to pay this candidate for us to consider your appeal. You can make an appeal through EP online. Otherwise please select a more qualified person.''

So they directly ask your employer to raise your salary and then appeal.
MoM doesn't get clearer than this!

Thank you for that beppi!
By the way, when the appeal is made, should the status "rejected" be changed to "pending" again when checking the application status at MOM website?

Cuz mine still shows "rejected" but my employer already submitted the appeal last friday...

The MoM online system is sometimes not updated quickly enough, or at all.

Hi beppi

may I ask also, I have friend who have suggested to go directly to mom to ask appointment for appeal. Is it advisable? and is the process faster? Thank you

You can't appeal something which you have not applied. So in this case MOM will not entertain you. You only can appeal in the case of PEP (not EP). For EP, only the employer is the authorized party to appeal. Below links from MOM will help you. … ected-pass

Hi Surya2,
Thanks for the reply and yes what I mean is can my employer personally appeal? Is it also possible? Even if she already did online appeal?

I just worry because as I have mentioned, the status online still shows rejected, never changed to pending since the day she submitted the appeal online..
Also some friends have mentioned anout asking if my employer can appeal personally at mom...

The status is showing rejected because that's your current status. It will show pending when someone submitted the application (not appealing on rejection). I believe MoM does not have a separate tab or space where it caters the appeal portion.

But I do understand your point. It would be more appropriate if they cater two points together (i.e. Pass status: rejected then second line  Appeal status: pending or not received).

Your employer can only check the status of appeal as one time appeal is allowed. Now the process is slow and tedious so you need to have patience.

Nothing wrong for you to call or mail them to check if they have received your appeal submitted by the employer, you should mention the FIN generated for your EP (if you know) as well as your passport number and reference number of your application for them to check and reply (though they may or may not respond but nothing wrong to give a try). Best of luck at this anxious moment.

Thank u so much for the information Suraya02.
sorry for too much questions, yes u r right, such a seriously anxious moment. Fingers cross 😵

Hi Beppi and surya2k

i have some questions about the duration of the appeal, currently the reason why my pass application is rejected due to the insufficient number of paying CPF employees. the cause of it is the company have many departments that their paying CPF employees are scattered on those departments, then the HR fixed it by merging all of the paying CPF employees to a single department so that i can be applied based on the quota ratio then sent those info to MOM.

the only thing is how long eventually is the duration of it's appeal? because we have been waiting for the response of the appeal for almost 2 months now.

thank you in advance who can give me some clarifications

At the moment, processing can take more than two months, unfortunately.

Hi Beppi

I see, so its really natural these days that it takes that long, anyways thank you for responding Beppi. thinking for positive result for it.

Hi beppi and Suya2k,

just wanna ask, in case, worst comes to worst, that my appeal gets rejected, is there anyway we can work on my pass? cuz I believe we can only appeal once right? thank you..

Pertaining to appeal on your existing pass application yes,  you can appeal once only.  But example,  you got another offer from XYZ co,  they applied a pass (will be considered as a fresh application) and if that was rejected at worst case then your new employer may appeal.

so it  means this current eployer where my appeal is on going, if it still gets rejected there's no more other way I can get a pass to work for them? we cannot apply or appeal once more?

Hi All,

My EP has been  rejected and  now employer has submitted an S pass application. However while checking with EP application status check( Non Login) pass type is reflecting as Employment pass, showing pending though instead of rejected like earlier. I have checked with my employer that if they have applied EP again or  S pass. They are saying that they have applied for S pass only because they paid  administration fee charge 60 SGD and for EP it is 70 SGD. I am confused then why it is showing as pass type= EP on checking

Anyone can advise?

Hi Super6386! is it your first time?
Anyway, from what I know (and from my experience) when the employer apply for a pass and we check it online ourselves (the one we can easily access not the one the employer/agencies use) regardless if Spass or EP the type will shows EMPLOYEMNT PASS, only after approval or rejection that it will reflect either S pass/ EP. I think it is labeled as Employment PAss in general while on "pending" status

Tiffany: as I said earlier one time appeal is allowed on a single application. But once the appeal too also rejected then your application will not open again. But the same employer can apply again but MOM may reject as they have record showing the employer had applied a different salary quote, on appeal changed the salary when both got rejected then they are applying once again with some changes, which is not a healthy sign for you nor an employer as why someone is forcing MOM to approve an employee's pass. Hope you understand.

Thanks for the reply Tiffany.Hoping for S pass to be approved.


I might be too late, but most companies will accept you back if you revoke your resignation. In my country I know someone who cancelled their resignation on the last day and was accepted back by the company.

Never resign until your EP is approved.

My EP has been pending for more than 2 months now and no news. Staying hopeful and patient.

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