Good residential areas in Kuwait

Can someone give me names of good residential areas? I have been offered a position in Kuwait and need to see what is available and the price range before I commit.

Any and all help would be greatly apreciated.


The housing in Kuwait is variables and depending on you and your income also. If you want to live in crowded place but also nice and full of shops and commercial buildings, then go to Salmya, Hawally, or Farwanya, the average rent cost there is 200 – 400 KWD but some flats in salmya especially on the gulf road may be 400 – 600 KWD.
If you prefer calm residential areas, you can go to Salwa, Bayan, Romaithya and average price 300 – 500 based on the building and number of rooms you need.
There is intermediate between those, e.g. Mahbola, Mangaf, Mithaila whish are somewhat  quiet, price may be 250 – 500.

That I know, may be others have more information, so please correct me..

Romeoo, thank you for your detailed info, the rental figures were an additional bonus.

I am looking for a 4 bed sea facing apartment with dedicated parking, what would be the rental value of such a property?

Hi Siddiqui,
this will be available on th gulf road, price may be 500 - 800 based on the location and building conditions. I was have one in such area with 650 KWD, but now I'm in Salwa where wide rooms and more space also with a nice garden (it is ground floor with garden) and cost 590 KWD, but no sea view (it dosen't matter for me) I like smoking Shisha in the garden and drink tea with mint which I planted by my hand ... hhhhhhhh.

good luck

Thank you, appreciate the help. Enjoy your shisha and tea.....

you are welcome my dear

good luck

in such amount is it own or been rented for period of time.

this post is from 2011 domino...

and its rented price, not own.

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