Formalities to bring your pet in Namibia

Hi all,

What are the formalities and paperwork required to bring your pet in Namibia?

How long do formalities & paperwork usually take in Namibia?

What are the relevant authorities to contact?

Which vaccines are compulsory? Do your pets have to go in quarantine at their arrival in Namibia?

Which advice would you give to the ones who would like to move with a dog, a cat or any other pet?

Thanks in advance for participating :)

Hi Julien,

Please refer to my blog, as I brought two dogs in from Ghana to Namibia 9 years ago. The problem was in RSA, Ghana and Namibia was no problem at all.

I shall get the exact details from teh State Vet and post it soon. But in general getting an animal in from the SADC countries is not a problem but from anywhere else is a bit more problematic.


For Veterinary Services contact: Ms Marais Christine

Tel: 061-2087544 email:maraisc[at]

You do need a Permit System for Livestock Movement
and an Import Permits fot the Importation of all Animals/Animal Products into Namibia.

Permit Cost: The Import Permit is N$50 per application.A Veterinary import permit required for the importation of all animals/animal products into Namibia.

The quarantine facilities are very good, just far out of town, Windhoek about 20km, but we could visit as often as we wished.

Thanks for your contribution Thulana!


I am not moving to Namibia with my pets, but will have to stay for a day before I can catch my flight to Accra, Ghana. I have the required paperwork to move from Angola to Ghana, but I am not sure how it will work for my pets in Namibia. I would like to take them with me to a hotel for the night and board them in the next day with me. Will that be considered just a transit with no paperwork requirements? Does anybody have experience with this?

Hi, do ask the right people
- here is the details of the state veterinarian in Windhoek… … vices.html
Contact details
Acting Chief: Dr. F. Joubert

P. O. Bag 12022
130 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek State Veterinary Offices, Windhoek
Tel: +264-61-2087506
Fax: +264-61-2087779 email:JoubertF[at]
eputy Chief of Veterinary Public Health:

Dr J. kamwi

Tel: 061 2087509 email: email:KamwiJ[at]

- here is the airports authorities in Windhoek:
Namibia Airports Company Ltd
Namibia, PO Box 23061, Windhoek
Namibia, GIPF House, Corner Uhland & Goethe Street, Windhoek
Tel: +264 (0)61 295 5013
Tel: (Marketing) +264 (0)61 295 5507
Fax: +264 (0)61 295 5006
Fax: (Marketing) +264 (0)61 295 5569
email: hq[at]
Senior Manager Marketing: Sikongo Haihambo
General Manager, Operations: Gregory Lukowski

Namibians are friendly animal loving people in general.  I personally do not think they would allow your dogs out of the transit area, but you could ask for permission to be allowed access to your dog in the quarantine / pet holding area, be allowed to take the dog out, walk the dog and make the dog comfortable.  Give it water and food. Prior to flying, they would allow a quick access - if you are early - prior to checking the animal in again. This would not definitely NOT require a bribe - but I would personally slip the warehouse attendant (designated to the animals) something small "as a gift for his children" with a handshake… just to make sure my animals get preferred treatment.

If they do allow your dogs out of quarantine: Make sure you book an animal friendly hotel/guesthouse.  If you cannot get one - contact me again - I could assist you.

Thanks a lot!!!! I will contact the Namibia airport authorities as you suggested.
I had also contacted the flight company to ask for their inputs. I got a reply, but not answers yet. I am expecting something today.
Thanks again for all of your tips, I will let you know what is the outcome.


Could somebody please help me. I want to bring my dog to Namibia, but I don't know where to start?


From where, how old, what pet species?

Sorry, I over read dog ;)

Hi Labdoc :)

It is a 3 year old male Pekingese from RSA.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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