Learning to drive in South Africa (Non-Resident)

I was in the middle of leaning to drive here, and got to test standard, but unfortunately I had not been lucky enough with a test date and I have to leave the country for my new job in South Africa.

I have seen very little information on anything about obtaining a licence over there? is that because it's not possible...

I really need some information on this so anyone who can help?

I shall have a Spousal Visa come December, I am currently going to be on a working visa until then...

Any information gladly appreciated

(Not sure where to post this, so excuse if wrong section)

No, it is not possible to get a drivers licence in South Africa, that is why people drive like maniacs... :D
Hm, sorry could not help myself..

You must contact a Traffic Department.
It will cost about R3000 - R4000 to get your licence.

Regards Sarah

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