Looking for mauritians in Toronto

Hi to all my fellow Mauritian friends ,I have been living in Brampton since 2012 ,it would be great if we could meet one of these evenings for a drink or even for a picnic  and get to know each other...If anyone has a suggestion about the location feel free to get in touch.

Invite me as well

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone here is going to the Mauritian divali celebration in Mississauga on November 5. I was thinking about it but would feel awkward to go alone..

Hi Anusha, do you  have more infos about the event like  time ,location  .etc ...will definitely love to go ...

I tried adding the invite pic i saw on facebook but I'm not sure you can see it.  If you add Ashish Sumputh on facebook (one of the organisers) you will see it. Try the link below:


I am new on this site. Looking forward to hear from Mauritian families.

Hi my name is keshnee
Am from Mauritius.
Am currently living some 30 mins away (by car)  from Toronto, and i need move to Toronto and am wondering if any of you is panning to get an apartment in we could share please (female only)

Let me know

and yea am looking to make mauritian friends too! i miss us mauritians so much! lol

Hello Keshnee,

You should drop your ad under the Shared accommodation in Toronto section. You will be easily be contacted if someone has an offer.

Best of luck


Hey Christopher,

Ok I'll do that.
Thanks dear!


Hello Nazia. Im a Mauritian and Im in process to imigrate to Canada.  Can u pls help me to tell me about life there....I mean ho w easy can I get a job.  How are the expenses over there....etc

Hello Anusha. Im Usha from Mauritius and in the process to imigrate to Canada. Pls advice if it worth to come over there? I mean the cost of living over there....the living over there etc....

Please add me in your WhatsApp ***

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Hi AYesha,

I am from Mauritius living in mississauga

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