Anybody have any ratings for OSN satelite internet service?

I live in th northeast part of Khobar and I'm sopping for an internet provider. Would like at least 2 Mbs speed. Would like to hook up a magic jack to call stEside or skype to talk to my computer literate friends  dont want to be hampered by dropped connections on Wed and Thurs nights when everybody else is getting on.
Some of my friends bad mouthed OSN satelite internet but I used another person's computer on OSN to skype stateside and it seemed like a good connection without choppy video or any problems.
Oh and I forgot to mention I dont want to have to pay one year in addvance
Anyone know?

Consider this topic closed.  I was quoted prices for 256Kbps which is way too slow. I'm interested in 2 Mbps and they want over 900 SR/month--forget that.

we are using stc quicknet plan.. 42 mbps modem.. its fast enough (4 of us even share through a router)for downloading and videos are clear too.. 350 riyals a month.. and we rarely get intermittent connections too

Which company you mean?

the satellite internet connections cost aLOT (i remember having to pay 1000+ a month). depending on the cellphone coverage in your area, either a Mobily or an STC internet dongle would be perfect, all you pay is the minor modem usb dongle price up front and then you get billed 350/month for unlimited internet. with the OSN you have to get the dish mounted and bulky/costly least with the usb dongle you can grab your laptop and just pop online whenever you want. unless if you dont really have a that case, youre just SOL.

Hi, I have an updated rating for OSN services. I have become very disappointed with the highly deteriorating level of service of OSN. Technical response is very bad, they do not attend to the scheduled appointments. Customer service is only an order taker, they do not bother to follow up, it looks as they don't care if the client has been serviced or not, and surely are very difficult to reach, and since OSN automated answering telephone system is a disaster. An advice to everyone using OSN like me. When you schedule a technical support appointment with OSN, make sure that you take a vacation day off from work, as these guys always don't show up on the agreed time. Last time I scheduled an appointment (2 months ago), it took them, 48 hours to show up, and the 2nd time, which is this time,...I don't know yet, as I am still waiting since yesterday morning! Disastrous service, we are paying a lot of money for our monthly membership, however in exchange, we get a very cheap service from OSN!!!

i suggest you for better zain offers cheap and really awesome i found.
usage unlimited per 150sr per month,

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