Rent a flat or a house in Kuala Lumpur

Hi, we are also arriving in July and wonder if you we're successfully found an apt.?
In which area as we are looking at Ampang area..

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Hye...looking for hse to rent?

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There are different sites if you are looking for a house, i found one from the first website.

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Is it hard to find a flat or a house for rent in Kuala Lumpur?
No it is very easy. There is an oversupply of houses and apartments to rent due to the property boom. Supply exceeds demand.

How to find a home in Kuala Lumpur: classifieds, real estate portals, real estate agencies?
You can use the classifieds or real estate portals such as iproperty or propwall and of course real estate agents will show you around everywhere based on the area you seek and your budget.

How much is the rental for a house, an apartment?
It depends on the size and the location. Small studio apartments can cost as little as RM1800 in a downtown location for a 700 ft2 size. So you should expect upwards of this for larger and even more for a better quality apartment. Outside of the downtown areas offer larger apartment of perhaps 1700 - 1800 ft2 with 3 bedrooms for around RM4,000 per month in Bangsar which is a nice residential area. But it all depends on the building you choose and the location. house rents are quite low and offer larger sized properties with gardens. However, if you choose a house then choose one with gated security.

What are the formalities or the required documents for renting an accommodation?
Usually you just need to have 3 1/2 months rent and your passport. In KL it is standard for landlords to hold 2 months rent deposit plus 1/2 month's rent utilities deposit. Then you will need to pay each month in advance. You just need to bring your passport when you sign the tenancy agreement.

Which advice would you give?

1. Check the apartment or house carefully before agreeing to rent it, and ask the landlord to fix any problems such as water leaks, broken furniture or appliances. Make sure the airconditioners work well and that the washing machine, stove and fridge all work. If the mattresses look old then ask for them to be replaced.

2. Get an official receipt for all the money you have paid over to the agent or landlord.

3. Don't pay any commission to the Agent. Commissions (usually one month's rent) is paid to the Agent by the landlord.

4. Take out a Home Contents Insurance policy. It usually costs as little as RM170 per year for coverage up to RM30,000 for damage by water, fire or theft.

5. Pay your rent promptly. Remember that the landlord is holding your deposits so it is a good idea to keep a good relationship with him.

There are probably several other things to be careful about and it is always worth reading the Tenancy Agreement through carefully before signing.

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great ..... Thanks

hi mehwish hope you remember me i am now in cyberjaya

yaar looking for sharing room in kl and also looking for job if u have any refrences let me know

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Zahid Paul - check on or Price will depend on age of house and where it is located. It's cheaper to live in other Malaysian towns.


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