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Hi. I'm 25 and am engaged. My fiance and i realised that we don't really have any friends. We really believe in true friendship and hope to make new friends with expats living in jhb or local people. I was thginking of starting a social group that does the following: go camping, finding and trying new restaurants, joining fun cooking classes or any fun. Activities. Watching movies once a month, visit museums, having themed dinner parties, travel together and so on. We love watching anime, tv series and movies. To find out more please reply

Hi friendseeker!

Welcome to :)


Hello there friendseeker.

I just arrived here a month ago and I have the same issues than you. However, I joined and I found a meetup group called Gauteng expats.I already joined them for Lion park and they are very friendly.
In case you need more details, send me an email to absiegert[at] I´m also an expat looking for some social life.

Gr8 Job friendseeker....
I appreciate the effort....It will really help the expat living there and sharing info abt your country...


I am also an expat from india and will be travelling to johannesburg for official trip with my wife.

I guess i also would be looking to get along with new friends and explore new things.

You can get in touch with me on xxxx


@friendseeker...nice idea and i will like to be part of it. enjoy your days ahead.
@Andrés85... how was d socializtion with other pple and the event?

your faithfully

thats great

Hi and thanks to all of you I don't know from where to start as I can only say life is beautiful and I love my life what ever comes in I accept it and face it and I tell all my friends same thing be positive in your life don't waste time in what is good and what is bad and please never make judgments on any thing the world is to big hahhha have lots fun in new years

Nice idea!
when you pop up in cape town let us know we could go climb the Table Mountain together.
Best regards

We have a lot in common.That's life.It's nice meeting you。Let's keep in touch.:D

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I'm willing to be your friend. I'm in Nigeria. Will be in south africa this week for the first time, but don't know which city to fly to. My name is Joseph. I'm a graduate with a post graduate degree. I love meeting people who are honest, friendly and interesting. Tell me how to meet you and your partner. Take care

Hey there, my hubby and I are in Joburg and Soon Lesotho on and off too. Let us know when to meet up ,we have some things in common, sounds fun! Add me to your contact list are you from here? I'm from USA.

hi i am so happy to see u as a serious friend seeker
iam tanveerahmed from bangladesh want to speak with u in skype my idin skype is tanveerahmed992 plz add me there

Hi their,you and your fiance are more than welcome to join myself and my wife Celest for a barbecue and catch up. I am reknowned for my steak barbecues :)let us know.


I moved here about 3 months ago. My fiancé is South African, but most of his friends have moved abroad so we've found ourselves in a similar situation. Personally, I've lived in other parts of the states and other countries before and I've never had such a hard time meeting friends. I'd definitely be interested in such a group. We also like to things on the weekends. The ony problem I have is the area I live in. It's pretty far from everything lol.  What area at you in?


I am  South African and looking to make new friends all over the world...i am based in Johannesburg...

Hola @ me to meet up

hey hw ar you

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Hi ..Im a a girl of 20..i like meeting new people,,i want to make friends...i like travelling and all sorts of socializing

Great idea

Hi Gents,
i knew this boost, so old but if anyone have a good idea for activities I will be ready for participation


Saqlam Aghi my Name is Stewart Rashid, i reside in Johannesburg, Krugersdorp to be specific. Im a Tender coordinator for African Global Operations. Dont mind networking and engaging with new friends.


Hi Dear

My name is Rashid and im based in Johannesburg, kindly add me to your friend list, would really love to know more about your world etc, im more into networking as well.

I have friends in Katatura whom i know through social media though.


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