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I'm a volatile, borderline misanthropic nomad currently living in the very colorful city of Jakarta. I'm quite obnoxious because I did not get enough attention when I was a kid. I like to stuff my face with chocolate chip cookies . I'd love to tell you more about myself but I know you don't care. I'm cool with it, however.

I joined on 16 January 2013.

  • Interests photography, music, films, video games, cats
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Basel Fasnacht 2015
Basel Fasnacht 2015
06 March 2015
It was my second time to see the Basel Carnival. It still left me in awe. It was as bold and as vibrant as the last time I witnessed it.This centuries old tradition has deep-rooted societal and political significance, and I can't tell you anything beyond that because... DUH. I'm just a tourist. I'm totally clueless. I can only view it from an outsider's perspective. I just see the colors and feel the excitement in the air.You know what my favorite part is? The treats the Waggis are throwing to the crowd. There are oranges, carrots, stalks of celery (yes, you read that right), candies, flowers, chips and other goodies. If they don't like you (or you are not wearing a Carnival Badge), they will give you radish or dump a mountain of confetti on you. It is recommended that you buy a carnival badge because the profit finances the festival itself (and you lessen your chance of getting stuffed with confetti --- I tell you, it itches like hell).Waggis are the dudes
Common People Eatery & Bar
Common People Eatery & Bar
25 August 2014
Common People Eatery and Bar was one of my most favorite places when I was still living in Jakarta. I even held my farewell party there months ago.Ehgad, I swear I really wanted to write a detailed post about this place.. but no one ever reads a long ass post, anyway. I also want you to save time, so yay bullet points!* The interior is sublime. It's eclectic-elegant-quirky. I have to admit that I went there the first time because the decor drew me in.* Even the washroom is pretty!* They serve alcohol.* They're open for brunch.* It's a fancy place. And the prices are just as fancy.* Barbecue Salmon Fillet with Herb Butter and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict are the dishes you should try if you visit there.* Staff are attentive and friendly. Patient too. We were a wild bunch during my farewell party but they took it in a stride.Common People Eatery and BarPlaza Bisnis Kemang IJl. Kemang Raya 2Jakarta,
Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok
Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok
12 April 2014
I like cats. In fact, I like them more than I do people. When their popularity exploded on the internet, cat cafes sprouted almost everywhere. I've never been to a cat cafe until yesterday.And it was awesome.Purr Cat Cafe Club is any cat lady's dream come true. Expect to be surrounded by fluff, cuteness and purrty cats that love to ignore people.RULES, etc...Purr Cat Cafe Club established strict rules to protect the cats' well-being because people can be assholes.1. Shoes are not allowed inside. There are designated shoe racks by the entrance. 2. Once inside, you will be given a pair of slippers.3. You need to wash your hands. There is a small sink with faucet and liquid soap near the reception area. 4. They will lead you to the waiting area (the cafe is often full) where you are obliged to clean your hands again (hand sanitizer is provided). I totally understand. Humans are filthy. And humans have cooties. 5. When you enter the cat sanctuary (assuming you get a table),