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Filipino expat in Indonesia
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Introduction Living in Indonesia for the past decade

I joined on 22 November 2011.

  • I can speak English
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Since October 2004
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Laglag Bala
Laglag Bala
03 November 2015
  Unfortunately, I woke up.Filed under: General, Politics
The Weak and Pathetic Jose Angel Honrado
The Weak and Pathetic Jose Angel Honrado
28 October 2015
By N Mark Castro One day, not long from now, I hope that this post would reach you. I hope that when it does, you would hate me from the bottom of your feet, for criticizing you the way that I would, in a place that I chose, because of your insistence to allow a […]
La Quadriga in Indonesia
La Quadriga in Indonesia
16 August 2015
There are only two of these Murano glass masterpieces crafted by Pino Signoretto. One is owned by a European and the other by an Indonesian businessman. For enquiries and private viewing …Filed under: Gallery, General