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We are professional musicians who live in the state of Guanajuato. We live in a small rural rancho and live near the large cities of San Francisco and Leon.

I joined on 03 May 2011.

  • I can speak English, can converse in Spanish
  • Interests food, music, walking
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23 December 2014
I see my one (ONE!) lonely post from last year and I think "I know, I'll write about my Internet connection in Mexico!" But try as I might, I can't make it funny or interesting. So just know this, Dear Reader, that I have a bad one. I swear it got much worse this year, although it didn't seem possible. Like - No Uploading, Ever bad.The first time I put on my headpiece each year it just seems too BIG!Galileo is in SoCal for our annual Posadas Dinner Party gig at La Golondrina in the old, historic part of Los Angeles, and instead of writing about farming in Mexico or other exciting details of our busy life (you think I'm kidding, don't you?), I'm going to give you a glimpse into the life of us two professional musicians.This is the sculpture at the Tijuana border. I think it's imposing but ugly.I am seated at a desk in a hotel room - the same hotel we have stayed in for several years now. It's not glamorous. Many of you would not choose
Harvest 2013
Harvest 2013
02 May 2014
There are plenty of notes and photos about our Siembra 2013.We planted our fields May 28 and June 6, having purchased fertilizer granules to go with the seed. Many fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides come to Mexico from the US, and receive a lot of suspicious attention from the farmers that purchase them, including fears that Monsanto and other companies might be selling “plaga” of all sorts right along with their seeds to get the farmers to buy something to control them with. We received irrigation water right away, so everything got off to a good start. I’m not sure whether it was conscious or not, but this planting season was one of little machinery use, and lots of hands-on work. We almost can say we had a peon de planta, a full-time worker, because Mechin started working for us with the irrigation, and worked all through the summer and fall.Mechin brought other workers when there was too much fertilizing/weed spraying for one person, and that worked very
Starting Over (well, sort of)
Starting Over (well, sort of)
12 January 2014
I recently (yesterday!) regained access to this blog. Thank you google forum! That's a pretty good excuse not to have written anything for a long time, I'd say.The first thing I did was to moderate some comments (I got some comments!) and to peruse some of the old entries. I had thought after not seeing it for a while that I just might not like it. But I do. I still do.So I have some catching up to do, and this is a start.Reasons I didn't blog:1. I really did not notice that I didn't have access to the blog. Because????2. There was really nothing going on for a while; no practicing/performing. No farming. Lots of reading (I guess I could blog about reading, but - nah.)3. We got really busy with farming, and I was waaay too busy to write about it. Really. Busy every single day.4. We got busy with music, with hours and days of practicing.5. We were taking care of la señora, who got a horrible infection.And that's the year, condensed.So, my dear readers,