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I am a registered nurse in the US and was in Rwanda in'07. I came home with a burning desire to return on a more permanent level. Now I am retired, yet wanting some employment in Rwanda.I arrive in Kigali on July 17, 2011. I will be volunteering at an orphanage until I find employment and then will continue to volunteer. My specialties are pain management, trauma relief, health education and disease management and nutrition. I'm a great organic gardener, love to learn and research, and mostly want to live the last chapter of my life to the fullest in service. I know a few people in Kigali and would like to meet more friends.

Je suis membre depuis le 02 Novembre 2010.

  • Je parle English
  • Dans la vie, j'aime nutrition, natural medicine, holistic, energy medicine, integrative medicine
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In 2007 I was part of a medical humanitarian team that performed medical needs assessment at Rwanda Orphans Project. The life in the eyes of the Rwandan people captured my heart.

I didn't like the smoke in the air and will be promoting solar cookers and rocket stoves.