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Trabajar en el entorno dinámico profesional independientemente de la raza, religión o creencias con oportunidades para expresar mi opinión, mostrar mi conocimiento, ser valorado y crecer al lado de la empresa.

Organizational Skills, Individual work, Persistence, Teamwork, Adaptive Learning, Strategic Planing, Project Management, Cisco ASA, Cisco IOS, Cisco IOS-XE, Wireless, VPN, TCP/IP, MPLS, Packet Tracer, GNS3, Radio Broadcasting, ICT, LTE 4G, UMTS 3G, GSM 2G, Matlab, GNU Octave, LateX,Gnuplot, Notepad , Office 365, C, C , Technical Support, Customer Service, English, Spanish, Serbian
Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication and Information Technology at University of Belgrade that has been validated in Colombia as Degree of System Engineer (Ingeniero de Sistemas)

Certificates: CCNA R&S valid until 2020, ESTEC School English Course B - duration Internity

Upcoming: CCNA Security
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IT Engineer

2 years of experience within Radio and IT fields with more over a year working in each one. Currently working as CISCO TAC VPN engineer within VPN technologies.

As a distinguished member of Radio team on my previous job, I was able to learn about latest techonolgies in fields of radio broadcasting systems inside production enviroment.
I charpened my skills and deepen my knowledge in fields like General Concept of Radio systems and Radio Transmission, Digital modulations 16-QAM and 16-PSK among many others, FDMA and CDMA techniques as well as interoperability with Internet network. Had responsability of maintaining physical connection between end antenna and HQ.

As a part of Cisco TAC VPN team on a current job, I have the privilege to work with the best Network Engineers throughout the world. Constantly pushing each other to go further in fields of designing, maintaining and troubleshooting VPN networks for our customers all over the world, providing them with the highest level of support and quality of service.

Even though I would enjoy working in any field within Information Communication Technologies, my true passion lies in IP networks and Mobile Networks.

My goal is to work in professional dynamic environment regardless of race, religion or beliefs with opportunities to express my opinion, show my knowledge, be valued and grow along side the company.

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Nenad Milosevic
Nenad Milosevic
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