International Wealth Management

What is a global bank account?

Catering to your individual needs, a global or international bank account is set up with an offshore bank - a financial institution which is located in a country other than your country of residence.

Why open a global bank account?

With a global bank account, you can manage your wealth by diversifying your investments internationally. A global bank account allows you to move your assets from one country to another, where the financial infrastructure, stability, and security surpass that offered by your country of residence.

A global or international bank account is suitable for investors who wish to take advantage of the services of an offshore bank operating in more stable and financially attractive markets. A global bank account guarantees similar services to your domestic bank account, however, you will also benefit from some bonuses, such as a larger range of foreign currencies and a wider variety of investment products.

How does a global bank account cater to your expat needs?

As an expat who might have to relocate frequently over a short period, it's in your best interest to have full control over the access and mobility of your funds. A global account offers you just the flexibility you need. Not only will you enjoy the convenience and savings of a multi-currency account, but you may also benefit from the growth potential and political stability of that particular region.

There is no better way to manage your wealth from anywhere in the world and at any time, than with a global bank account with a reliable international bank. Trust your assets to a highly reputed bank that caters to the needs of expats globally today!

If you have an interest to diversify your wealth and have at least US$200,000 investible funds, can recommend you an offshore bank located in Singapore to assist you.

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