Luggage shipping to Alicante

According to the size and weight of your luggage, it is often possible to arrange your luggage transportation yourself. But when it comes to carry excess luggage to Alicante, the best thing to do is to hire a professional carrier to have your personal effects directly sent to destination.

The professional carrier will:

  • manage the entire air or sea shipment of your belongings to Alicante
  • handle paperwork and customs clearance
  • pack or supply packaging
  • provide fully-comprehensive insurance

How to prepare your luggage shipping to Alicante

Choose the right container
You can use travel trunks, boxes, suitcases or travel bags.

Choose the right formula
Before departure: the carrier can either collect your luggage at your address, or you can bring your luggage directly at the counter of the carrier.
Upon arrival in Alicante: the carrier can either deliver your luggage to your address, or you can pick up your luggage directly at the counter of the carrier.

Take the essentials
Select goods you want to bring with you to Alicante and goods you want to leave on the spot. Take advice: it might be more advantageous to rebuy goods in in Alicante instead of bringing them with you.

When will my luggage be delivered?
Delivery time depends on the destination country: allow up to 5 days by air freight and 6 weeks by sea freight.

Take out insurance
Zero risk does not exist. Loss and damage luggage insurance is highly recommended.