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I am Rahul i am basically Indian 26 years old who seeking job in Jakarta and wish to move over there very soon.
i have been to Jakarta for several time, therefore i am understanding the situation and environment of Jakarta as well.

Section which i had experience is information and technology as a software developer in domain of java.
or if i get the chance to work as English teacher i would like to give a try as i do have experience in teaching in a tution a bit, i do able to spoken and written fluently in English and currently learning bahasa.

Please do msg me through this if you have vacancy base on my seeking.


 Comfortable in writing the program using java.
 Strong understanding of OOPS Concepts likes Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism,
and Encapsulation.
 Good in Exception Handling and written Custom Exceptions.
 Strong Practical knowledge on Collections like SET, LIST and MAP.
 Used Comparable and Comparator for custom Sorting.
 Knowledge on Thread (creation of thread using Thread class and Runnable interface,
thread synchronization, inter thread communication using wait(), notify() and notifyAll(),
Daemon thread)
 Good in I/O Operations in Java and Serialization (serialization, deserialization, transient
 Used all best practices by developing the Applications.
 Knowledge on Strings , Arrays.
 Good in RDBMS concepts, used ORACLE 10g and MYSQL DB Server.
 Good in writing SQL Queries like DDL, DML Statements.
Language(s) spoken

Hindi (Mother tongue)

Indonesian (Fair)

English (Fluent)

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Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar

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