Trucking fleet Manager, location Baku, Azerbaijan

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Experience Senior
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Working time Full time
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Vacancy: O170252
Function: Fleet Manager of a growing trucking company Location Baku, Azerbaijan
The company
Our client is a growing, ambitious and modern trucking company, active in the transport and distribution of fresh produce from Azerbaijan to the neighbouring countries. The company is a subsidiary of a major Azerbaijani investment enterprise with excellent results over the last 10 years.
The company is pursuing aggressive growth objectives, to be realized in a relatively short timespan. On behalf of our client, we are hence looking for a full-time, experienced, stable and sturdy Fleet Manager, with experience in managing a sizeable and growing trucking operation in this country, or in any of its surrounding countries..
The position
You will report to the General Manager for Azerbaijan and be responsible for the continuity, quality performance, economics, productivity and cost of this transport company, including its Human Resource management. You will annually present your budget proposals on cost & turnover for approval by the companies general management and hence manage the fleet operation within the agreed annual budget targets.
You are furthermore responsible for selecting, maintaining and managing the trucking fleet in order to keep transport times, deliveries and distribution on schedule and within its established budget.
Selecting Vehicles
In concert with the General Manager for Azerbaijan you will decide what kind of vehicles to purchase and how many and in what rhythm. You will base your proposals in this regard on alternative options available, like buying trucks outright or leasing vehicles to meet the company's needs. When a truck is no longer useful for the fleet, you will market and resell it to get back as much of the company's investment as possible.
Record Keeping
You are responsible for keeping records. You see to it that all vehicles are both registered and licensed and their inspections kept up to date. You keep records to prove that the fleet company is in compliance with all state and federal regulations.
In order for your company to work properly and make the necessary profits, your vehicles need to be maintained in peak operating conditions. You hence set up schedules to ensure each vehicle is kept in top condition. You will consider the choice between having own in-house service centers with mechanics and specialists to handle maintenance, or to outsource maintenance and repairs to outside shops.
You see to it that strict planning is made and updated, to ensure that the optimum amount of vehicles are working at all times to meet customer needs. You are also on the constant lookout to find ways to minimize costs by maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing unexpected repairs.
Driver Management
Your are responsible for the hire & and fire of your staff and esp. the driver-team. You see to it that just reliable drivers with impeccable track records are being employed. You will explore the use of GPS trackers on the entire fleet to monitor where the vehicles are and drivers' habits.
Profit & Loss
You are responsible for the Profit and Loss of trucking fleet operation i.e. meeting the annual cost & income budget objectives. You will set up / use a management- and financial /accounting software to record and collect such data. You will look for patterns to see areas where you can cut expenses and reduce administrative costs.
The requirements:
In order to function well and meet the challenges of this demanding position, you need to meet the following requirements:
A Bachelor degree in logistics or accounting or equivalent working level
Several years experience in the transport industry in a possibly lower, but comparable position.
Familiar with the industry's concepts, practices and procedure in that part of the world
Used to the use of dedicated software programs to monitor both your fleet and its drivers.
A proven track record of excellent people and communication skills in a multi cultural
environment with people from the Caucasus and/or Eastern Europe and/or the Baltic States.
Used to working and leading people in a robust working environment
You are a charismatic leader, stress-resistant and with a sturdy personality
You are a team player, taking the initiative and taking decisions
You are stable, fair and a person of integrity
Command of the Russian language is preferred
User knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Outlook
Respect for the local culture
Prepared to settle in Baku, Azerbaijan, for a minimum of three years
Job outlook and salary package
The salary package will depend on the candidates background and experience and lies between EUR € 70 - 90.000 gross annually.
Lutgo Recruitment, Aalsmeer, the Netherlands is the exclusive representative of this client for the fulfilment of this vacancy. Please send your reaction, with your letter of motivation, mentioning vacancy INT170252, to .

See Function description under 'Description of ad'
See Function description under 'Description of ad'
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Lutgo Global, The Netherlands
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