2010-02-25 06:34:42

Parque de Leste located in Los Palos Grandes, Caracas.

After spending seven years in South Florida, I have become a sucker for a nice park. Having access to good parks makes it very easy to entertain kids on very short notice and very little budget. When I visited Caracas in October, my husband and I took a quick tour of the Parque del Este in Los Palos Grandes, I have to admit that I was thoroughly impressed. I was even more excited to learn that the kids’ school frequently go there for field trips.


So, this park is what I consider HUGE. I have been there many times and I still don’t think that I have seen the  whole thing. They have several fields to play soccer and baseball, as well as basketball courts. There are at least 4 different restaurants and many other snacking facilities for those spending the day. There is also a pretty big lake with pedal boats for rent.


 I think my favorite part of the park is the animals. There are lemurs, turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, sea lions, and a bird sanctuary. These pictures were taken during my last visit. This is definitely a place worth visiting while in Caracas.


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