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Peru provides many leisure activities for all tastes and ages. Discover these in this article.

On moving to Peru, you will probably have some free time for yourself. So why not make the most of this time by discovering the country and learn more about its historical, architectural and cultural legacy? Indeed, Peru provides several leisure activities for all tastes and ages, from sightseeing to sports. Thus, you are likely to enjoy your stay, especially if you have relocated there with your family.


The Andean mountains are with no doubt the best place for mountaineering, hiking, climbing, etc. You can also enjoy several trails such as the Inca Trail in the West of Cuzco and the Jungle Trek which is found at the start of Iquitos.

Rafting is also very popular in the running waters of the Urubamba river around Cuzco. If you like canoe-kayak, why not turn to the Pucallpa in the Amazon region.

To relax with your friends and family, you can enjoy some 2,400 km of coastlines. Some beaches are rather desert, but are ideal for picnics, especially from January to March when temperatures become mild and more pleasant.

On the other hand, Peru hosts several sports clubs where you can practice tennis, gymnastics, aerobics, swimming, martial arts, football, basketball, volleyball, etc. However, some clubs will require a sponsorship upon registration.

History and culture

Peru is known to be a very vibrant country in terms of local and international cultural activities. You are also likely to find cinema halls, theaters, South-American and European art shows, not to mention many monuments in its major cities, history, nature and art museums, as well as buildings having a magnificent ancient architecture.

Moreover, most major cities host cultural centers which are greatly involved in many local and national festivals.


As mentioned above, Peru is holds many historical sites, natural parks and breathtaking landscapes which will not fail to amaze you. The famous Machu Picchu, for instance, is an Inca archaeological site which was rediscovered in the early 20th century.

The Titicaca lake, for its part, with delight you by its splendid views over several other sites such as the Islas Uros which are man-made floating islands. Arequipa and Cuszo, which are some of the biggest Peruvian cities, are also worth of a visit.

In all cases, wherever you have settled, you will definitely enjoy your stay in Peru, regardless of your age.


Children, for their part, can enjoys strolling around cities and villages, walking in parks, visiting museums and other places of interest, and above all, enjoy various colorful festivals to the rhythm of folk music.

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