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Looking forward to settle in Trujillo? Find a few tips on the city's rental market in this article.

Located in the North of Peru, Trujillo is the capital city of La Libertad and the country's third biggest country. It is known to be a very dynamic and modern city due to the presence of several shopping malls, supermarkets and other businesses which provide professional opportunities for many locals and expatriates. Trujillo also offers a range of affordable housing units, despite being a tourist city. Therefore, you should not have much trouble in finding accommodation if you have decided to settle there.


Trujillo is around two kilometers away from Huanchaco which is a famous Peruvian beach resort. Charming tourist city, Trujillo consists of several residential neighborhoods besides its industrial and business centers.

The city is also well served in terms of public transport. Indeed, collectivos can be found anywhere in Trujillo. Thus, you should have no trouble at all in traveling from one region to another, despite traffic jam in some zones.

Rent prices

You are likely to find many residential buildings, houses and condominiums in Trujillo. Indeed, there is something for all tastes and budget, whether you are moving there alone, as a couple or with your family. Note that rent prices in Trujillo are quite low compared to other major Peruvian cities. This is particularly why it has been attracting so many foreign nationals over the years.

Like in most cities, rent prices vary according to the type of accommodation and from one neighborhood to another. However, the differences are not as important as in other cities. Hence, you can rent a apartment for an average of 460 to 720 new Peruvian soles per month, depending on the surface area and the comfort level.

Houses, on the other hand, are more expensive. Rent prices can reach up to 3,000 new Peruvian soles per month.

Find accommodation

Given the relatively low rent prices in Trujillo, you can easily seek the assistance of a real estate agency to find accommodation as per your criteria and budget. In general, agency fees are equal to a month's rent. But if you prefer to look for accommodation for your own, you can browse offers on the Internet and check out classified ads in local newspapers. However, having some knowledge of Spanish will be a considerable advantage. This will also allow you to negotiate with the owner once you have made your choice.

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