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Looking for accommodation in Peru? Find an overview of the local rental market and some tips to guide you in this article.

Relocating in Peru undoubtedly requires advance planning. Hence, finding accommodation will definitely be one of your main concerns. The local rental market is quite developed, providing several housing options for foreigners, namely furnished and unfurnished apartments and houses. But before starting your search, it is best to make a list of criteria regarding your new home.

Bear in mind, however, that the Peruvian lifestyle is likely to be different from what you are used to in European or other countries. Therefore, you should be prepared, like most expatriates in Peru, to settle for an apartment, especially in Lima and Arequipa.

In some regions, however, you can find big residential complexes, as well as houses, especially in city outskirts. These might be ideal for expat families who are looking for some intimacy far from bustling regions.

Choosing your home

As mentioned above, it is wise to set up a list of requirements when choosing your new home. For instance, your new environment, access to trade, transports, as well as the region's dynamism, are some of the factors to take into account. If you are moving there with your family, you will probably have to find accommodation which is close to your children's school, or even to your place of work.

Note, however, that most apartments and houses that are offered for rent are unfurnished and kitchens are not equipped. But you can still find a few furnished housing units which may be quite expensive compared to the rest.

Rent prices and charges

In general, rent prices exclude additional charges such as water heaters and electricity. If it was the case, rent prices would be much higher. Of course, these vary from one neighborhood to another and according to the type of accommodation.

For instance, you will need an average of 1,120 new Peruvian soles per month for a studio in a city-center against some 940 new Peruvian soles per month for the same type of accommodation in the outskirts. To rent a three-bedroom house, you will need an average of 2,300 new Peruvian soles per month in the city-center and around 1,900 new Peruvian soles per month in the outskirts.

As regard monthly bills, these can amount to around 150 new Peruvian soles per month for electricity, hot water and other charges.

Lease conditions

Peruvian lease contracts are rather in favor of lessees. Thus, you are allowed to negotiated the rent price with the owner before signing the lease contract. You can even plan an adjustment of the rent price as per an agreement with the owner.

There are two types of lease contracts in Peru: the fixed-term contract and the indefinite-term contract. The fixed-term contract involves a maximum of 10 years duration, except in the case of State-owned accommodation or a handicapped owner. In this case, the lease duration is limited to 6 years.

The indefinite-term contract, for its part, can be broken by either party provided an advance notice has been given, at least a month prior to the departure date.

Find accommodation

Finding accommodation in Peru is not so difficult, although most adverts are posted in Spanish in local newspapers and magazines. You can also browse offers on the Internet thanks to several specialized websites.

Nevertheless, you stand more chances of finding accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly by registering with a real estate agency like most expatriates have before you. Good luck!

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