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If you have decided to settle in Arequipa, here are some guidelines on its rental market and some tips to help you find accommodation.

Located in the South of Peru, Arequipa is a very dynamic and practical city, hosting several businesses. Despite being one of the biggest Peruvian cities, it has a population of less than a million inhabitants. However, Arequipa can be an ideal destination for expatriates, not only for its mild temperatures and a more pleasant lifestyle compared to other regions, but also for the numerous opportunities that are available there, including housing offers.

Types of accommodation

Indeed, Arequipa provides a range of modern and comfortable housing options. You are very likely to find apartments of different sizes which have fully integrated into the local folk environment. Some of these are furnished and equipped while others are not.

Like in Lima, you will also find many hotels and serviced-apartments in Arequipa which is also deemed to be a tourist city. You can therefore choose from these pending your search for long-term housing. Note that serviced-apartments provide maintenance and laundry facilities.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Arequipa vary according to the surface area, the type of housing and the neighborhood. These also tend to be higher when it comes to furnished housing. Therefore, you will need around 950 new Peruvian soles to rent a single-bedroom apartment in the city-center and some 700 new Peruvian soles for the same type of accommodation in the outskirts.

For a three bedroom-apartment, you will need an average of 2,500 new Peruvian soles in the city-center and some 1,400 new Peruvian soles in the outskirts.

Find accommodation

Whether you are looking for a house or an apartment, you will probably start by browsing offers on the Internet or checking out classified ads in local newspapers. If you are already on the spot, why not tour the different neighborhoods? If you are lucky enough, you might spot a few « For rent » signs. In the case of residential buildings, yon can also inquire with the concierge about any vacant housing in the same building or in the surroundings.

As Arequipa is a less densely populated city than others, finding accommodation there may be less difficult and time consuming. But you can still register with a real estate agency if you prefer to find accommodation more rapidly, according to your criteria and budget. Note, however, that you will have to pay agency fees which are generally equal to a month's rent.

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