Opening a bank account in Peru


Wondering how to open a bank account in Peru? Related procedures are being explained in this article.

Opening a bank account in Peru may be very helpful, but it can be quite complicated. Indeed, advance planning will be required as specific conditions apply. In most cases, non-residents cannot open a bank account in the country. So before proceeding, make sure to inquire on different banks on their policies regarding the opening of a bank account by foreign nationals.


To open a bank account in Peru, you are required to produce the following:

  • your foreign resident card
  • proof of address
  • your passport.

On visiting the branch of your preferred bank, you will be made to fill and sign an application form, indicating which type of account you would like to open. Note, however, that the application form is generally available in Spanish. So in case you don't understand Spanish, feel free to seek help from the bank agent.

 Good to know:

Given that you are are required to produce a foreign resident card upon opening a bank account, you can request for sponsorship from a Peruvian resident. For instance, your employer can help you to open your bank account. However, access to some banks transactions may be limited.

Accounts and options

You may choose from different types of bank accounts in Peru: the current account, the account on which you can receive your salary (cuenta sueldo), the savings account, the fixed deposit account.

Cash withdrawals are allowed at a specific ceiling as defined by your bank. You are advised to take into account different constraints when establishing this amount. For instance, rent is paid in cash and most shops and other commercial activities do not yet accept payment cards. The use of the checkbook is also quite limited as financial issues mainly rely on trust among clients and traders.

On the other hand, most banks allow daily withdrawals of 400 to 500 new Peruvian soles at ATMs. Moreover, a low-rate tax applies to most bank transactions.

Online banking

Most banks operating in Peru provide online banking facilities. Indeed, Peru is deemed to be one of Latin America's safest countries in terms of online banking. This can be a considerable advantage so as to avoid wasting long hours in the queue. It will also allow you settle your bills online.

Local and international banks

Like most developed countries, Peru also hosts many local and international banks, namely the Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP), Interbank, Scotiabank, Mibanco, Banco GNB Peru (ex-HSBC) and Citibank Peru, among others.

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