Updated 6 years ago

A man once told me:”

Anything's worth is that what the seller wants and the buyer prepared is to pay”

Now that may be true, but knowingly using the ignorance of some other human-being to make a 50%-2000% profit just doesn't go too well for me. Its stealing, nothing less.

Paraguay was hidden from much of the world until 20 years ago. The only one's brave/crazy enough to come before that was basically Germans and Mennonites.

Over the years since Stroessner's downfall from various nations some have come to try and find their peace of paradise but never in force up-to this day. Germans yes, they just keep coming and Paraguay isn't even in the Top 5 for preferred destinations for them...

So back to topic. It didn't take long for some to see the the chance of making unprecedented earnings, which started about 10-12 years ago and since then the hole thing has just escalated (and still is) so as to now, in the hole East-Paraguay cheap land is piratically no more. The Chaco (West and rest of Paraguay) being the notable exception, but then the word “Chaco” doesn't mean “Green Hell” for nothing. One don't go for pleasure or retirement to the Chaco. But even in the Chaco cheap-cheap land is no more. The day's of $2 per Ha. is long gone, but that's more due to the explosion of cattle farming for meat export.

I would venture to say that in the east one would not be able to get a Ha. for less than $2000 anymore (permitting its not in some hell-hole or on the fringe of the world) and $2000 would be cheap.

My advice to anyone that wishes to come to Paraguay is -of-course come and look first- not to buy any property at first glance. Come but rent something first. Then when you're settled start that search for your peace of paradise. Be-wary of (and I say this with a sad heart) middlemen especially expat-middlemen, use a surveyor  to measure the land so as to be certain the borders are where they are supposed to be, and make sure you use a good and trusted notoriety!

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