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The city of Guayaquil has been working on making itself attractive to foreigners. And it's worked, since you're looking for a job there! Find out more.

Here’s a look at the potential professional avenues for an expatriate in the fast-evolving Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil known as the Pearl of the Pacific.

The city’s context

Guayaquil is the biggest and most densely populated city in Ecuador, where some 3 to 4 million people live and work. Ecuador’s principal entry port is situated upriver from the Pacific Ocean and is also the country’s commercial and manufacturing centre. More than half of Ecuadorian companies are based in Guayaquil, including many multi-national businesses, and trade is the city’s engine. This commercial giant offers plenty of contact with foreigners from the US, Europe, and China, which are Ecuador’s primary trade partners.

English is an asset

In the context of commerce and trade, knowledge of English is an undeniable asset. The demand for English-speaking local employees is high, so there is always a steady demand for English teachers. While you might get by as a maverick teacher, your living conditions will be better with a diploma (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) or TEFL certificate qualifying you to teach in private schools or reputable universities. Positions in these establishments secure stability in more ways than one: aside from better pay, they’re usually accompanied by a housing allowance, visa, and health insurance.

Tourism: mixing business and leisure

In recent years, Guayaquil has been striving to make the most of its innate advantages: its situation as a gateway to the Galapagos, its equi-distance to the south and north of the continent, its year-round mild climate, all make it an ideal meeting place for international tourism and commercial conventions. By tapping into these benefits, the authorities want to develop Guayaquil into a destination for international trade and commerce, and work is being done to successfully revamp urban infrastructures. A larger airport and road improvements are in the works. Tourist areas, new hotels, and convention areas have recently been built. If you’re bilingual, make it your business to check out tourism job offers in Guayaquil online, or in person if you’re already in town.

Have you got what it takes to be an investor?

If you answered yes, then lucky you! You might feel even luckier upon learning that, in its bid to endear Guayaquil to private foreign investors, incentive laws and guarantees are enforced in the city. Pro Ecuador, the state entity within the Ministry of Foreign Trade in charge of assisting in the promotion of Ecuadorian exports and investments, is actually based in Guayaquil itself. Rather than a public agency, Pro Ecuador strives to be more a trading partner constantly maintaining contact with local producers and exporters, as well as with foreign importers and investors interested in doing business with Ecuador. ProEcuador counts 31 offices in 26 countries abroad.

You can always help

Lastly, in spite of the many positive changes, the city has seen and is seeing, demand for volunteers is certainly not lacking in Guayaquil. If you wish to help the city realize its amazing potential, there are plenty of NGOs in Guayaquil where your volunteer services are welcome.

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