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There are 16 types of temporary visas for foreigners who wish to live in Colombia. If you are planning to stay in Colombia for less than six months and you won't be working or studying, you should consider applying for a tourist visa, which you will find more about in 'Formalities'.

Temporary visas for Colombia

Most foreigners living in Colombia will need to secure a temporary (TP) visa. These are differentiated between groups such as students, workers, spouses and retirees. Below are the most popular TP visas.

  • Student (TP-3): For foreigners studying at a Colombian university, trade or language program. Valid for six months to two years, depending on the curriculum.
  • Worker (TP-4): For a foreigner who will work with a Colombian company. Valid for one to two years.
  • Spouse (TP-10): For the married partner of a Colombian national. Valid for three years.
  • Retiree/recreational activity (TP-11): For a foreigner wishing to live long-term in Colombia without working. Proof of pension must be provided. Valid for one year.

Each visa listed above requires the following:

  • A passport with at least two blank pages, in good condition, and valid for a minimum of 180 days
  • Copy of main passport holder identification page
  • Copy of the most recent stamp showing your entry or departure from Colombia
  • If you request your visa in person, you do not need to bring passport sized photos, as photos will be taken at the issuing office

For a description of each visa class, associated fees, and other documents that may be required, see this list from the Colombian Chancellor.


Any foreigner arriving with a visa valid for more than three months is required to register it at a Migración Colombia office within 15 days of arrival in Colombia. Those not registering within this time will face fines which must be paid to exit the country.

Resident visas for Colombia

Foreigners who have lived in Colombia on a TP visa for more than five years are eligible for a resident visa. For spouses holding the TP-10 visa, the time requirement is three years. Resident visas are valid for five years and do not limit activities like working or study. Information on how to request this type of visa can be found on the Colombian Chancellor’s website.

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