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Our participative guide will help you find out more on the work market and the legal framework in Argentina.

Find a job in Concordia

Concordia, in Argentina, has been attracting more and more tourists and expatriates since a few years. It is known to be a developing city.

The Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, has a quite dynamic economy. Its labor market is rather open to expatriates.

Mendoza has a developing economy and a dynamic labor market. Discover useful info and tips to help you find a job in ...

Several fields in Cordoba are looking for qualified and skilled manpower, offering various opportunities for ...

Rosario's labor market is very open to expatriates. You can find a job in various sectors if you are moving there.

Do you dream of getting professional experience in Argentina? You can apply for a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). More ...

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Noruega en Argentina

My name is Eirin, I am originally from Oslo, Norway and I currently live on an estancia in Cañuelas, in the province of ...