Driving in Argentina


To be able to drive in Argentina, you need to have an international driver's licence which is valid for three years.

Driving in Argentina is quite an adventure. Main roads are paved, but in the north-west of the country, roads become mere trails, sometimes impassable. Argentina also faces problems of road safety. Road mortality remains very high, and extreme caution also is required with regards to violence and crime committed against drivers (often when cars are stopped at traffic lights). It is thus highly recommend to drive with windows down and doors closed.

Driver's license

It is possible to drive in Argentina as a visitor/tourist with an international driving license. In order to apply for an international driving license, contact your prefecture or the driving authority in your area with all supporting documents. The documents checklist generally includes:

  • An identity card or passport;
  • Your national driving license;
  • Two passport-sized photos;

Note: an international driving license is generally free of charge and valid for 3 years.

If you permanently live in Argentina, you must apply for an Argentine license. To get your Argentine driving license, visit the "Dirección General de Transportes" with your resident visa, your passport, your DNI and your national driving license. Fees of 50 pesos apply. The duration of your Argentine license will be equivalent to the duration of your visa. If you are a permanent resident, the duration of your license Argentina will be of 5 years (renewable).

  Useful link:

Govierno la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Driving license

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So I can't drive in ARG on a one-month visit using my valid Ecuadorian drivers license if I don't have an international license too? cccmedia in Quito


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