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Exploring the local culture


Meet people

One of the easiest ways to meet people is via the Internet.  Websites, such as Expat-blog and MeetUp, are great ways to find people who want to meet other people.  If you are looking to connect with local people, you can also checkout your local coffee house, pub or restaurants. 

Learn the native language

When I’m trying to understand the local culture, I like to listen to how people communicate in their native language.  It’s natural for them, but it can be challenging to interpret their tone, emotions, and gestures, and how they structure their thoughts.  If you plan to live in an area for an extended period of time, I recommend taking time to learn the local language.  Language and culture are connected.  Once you become familiar with language, you’ll gain more insights about the local people and their culture.

Eat local food

Eat local and get to know your neighbours.  Food preparation and dining styles vary from area to area.  In the US, apps, such as Yelp, Zagat and Urbanspoon, list local restaurants with ratings from people who have eaten there.  

Listen to the media:  newspapers, radio & television

Learn about local people and the culture by watching TV, read newspapers, and listen to the radio.  You’ll become more familiar with their communication style, and you’ll get a feel for the topics that are important to them.

Ride public transportation

Need a break, and want to explore?  Grab a train or bus, and take a ride around town, a state, or across the country. 

I hope these ideas are helpful, and you have the opportunity to meet local people and explore the local culture.  Are there any other ideas you would add to the list? 

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leanndehoff Member
Member since 16 January 2014
York, USA
3 years ago

yeah , other people culture. Thats very important because some people feel superior over others. This happen mostly between whites and africans.

3 years ago

Where is the best place for a 76 Yr. old female to settle and rent for medical help?

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