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With excellent weather, Spanish-colonial architecture, and a safe environment, San Miguel de Allende is one of Mexico's most popular expat destinations.

Every year San Miguel de Allende attracts thousands of tourists, expatriates, professionals, retired senior citizens, students, and people seeking business opportunities. Many foreigners have invested in real estate development projects there, contributing to a booming real estate market. So, if you are moving to San Miguel de Allende, you should have no trouble finding accommodation.

The first step

Before you commit to accommodation that you find online, you should spend some time in the city. Is it what you expected? Are you sure you want to live there?

Furthermore, you should always take a look at the property before you rent or buy. Does it look the same as it does in its pictures? What’s the neighbourhood like—is it calm and peaceful, or noisy and dirty?

It is a good strategy to book a hotel in San Miguel de Allende for short-term, which will give you time to explore the city before buying or renting anything. You can find hotels for all budgets in the city centre. If you plan on staying for longer than a week, you can usually negotiate a better price at smaller, family-run hotels.

Finding accommodation in San Miguel de Allende

The easiest way to find an apartment to rent is to walk around and look for signs that read “Se Renta” (For Rent). You can supplement this search by taking a look at the classified sections of local newspapers or on websites like

If you are looking to purchase property, talk to a local real estate agent. The agent will show you what’s available and help you with the formalities of buying property in Mexico.

In San Miguel de Allende and elsewhere, you basically have two options for buying a property: an apartment or detached home in a regular neighbourhood, or a detached home or condo in a gated community, a fraccionamiento in Spanish. With security guards and shared amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and restaurants, these gated communities are becoming more popular in Mexico, although they are typically more expensive than a home of a similar size in another part of town.

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