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Year after year, expatriates from around the world move to Cancun in the search of new job perspectives. Here is what you have to know about Cancun's labor market.

Being one of Mexico's biggest cities, Cancun is a very popular expatriation destination. Over the past few years, thousands of expatriates from across the globe have settled there, not only for a different lifestyle but also for the numerous professional opportunities it presents. Cancun is divided into three sections: the city outskirts, the urban region and the hotel zone. In fact, the hotel zone is the most attractive region for tourists and young professionals, thus stimulating its economy.

Labor market

Cancun is, above all, known to be Mexico's prime tourist destination. In fact, the tourism industry is the region's main job creator, thus attracting a large number of young professionals every year. Jobs are also available in the teaching field, mainly foreign languages like English. You can apply if you have the required qualifications and strong language skills. Cancun also hosts many big national and international firms where you can try your luck according to your competencies.

If you are only seeking a part time job in Cancun to meet the cost of living, you can also apply for babysitter and nanny jobs.


Candidates having multiple languages skills have better chances of being recruited in Cancun due to the city's tourism profile. Thus, French and English speaking foreigners may be preferred in some specific fields. But if you wish to apply for a job in a big firm, you must have a strong knowledge of Spanish.

Moreover, age is no barrier for finding a job in Cancun. But you will need to be patient and persistent.

Apply for a job

First of all, it is important to get in touch with firms which may interest you during your job search. You can thus register with a recruiting agency or with job websites. You can also create an account on professional networks such as Linked In and Viadeo where you are more likely to find Mexican employers. Those who are already on the spot may also seek information on job perspectives with local companies or via their friends and contacts.

Resume and cover letter

Your resume should be clear, detailed and typewritten in Spanish unless you are applying for a job in a foreign or international company.

You are also advised to post a well detailed CV on Linked In in case you have an account as Mexican employers are likely to check it before contacting candidates.

As regards your cover letter, it must be hand-written and personalized, demonstrating your personal interest towards the company. You may also send a clear and personalized online application where it applies.

Cost of living

The cost of living may be higher in Cancun than in other major Mexican cities due to its tourism calling. Thus, restaurants and other daily trades may be more expensive. Hence, you are advised to inquire on the cost of living in Cancun beforehand and make sure that you will be able to adapt your salary to it.

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