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Jalisco is one of the most popular expatriate destinations in Mexico, with many foreigners living in Guadalajara and around Lake Chapala. What about work?

The Mexican state of Jalisco has vast cultural, historical, and economic importance. It is the land of tequila, mariachi and ranchera music, and dishes like tortas ahogadas, a pork sandwich covered in a thin red sauce.

For these reasons, as well as for its mild climate, it has attracted thousands of tourists and expatriates over the years.

 Good to know:

Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco and its largest city, is the region's most popular expat destination with a large number of American, Canadian, and European residents. Other popular destinations in the state, especially for retirees, are the small towns around Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest freshwater lake. Of these, one of the largest expat communities is in Ajijic, located near the town of Chapala.

Because it is a major city, the cost of living tends to be higher in Guadalajara than in other parts of Jalisco, but still relatively cheaper than in other parts of the world, such as most western countries.  

Available jobs

English and French language speakers are more likely to be hired in various fields in Jalisco, namely in call centres, teaching, marketing, tourism, and hospitality. But you can also find a job in various other sectors, such as trade and retail, especially at big national and international firms.

Find a job in Jalisco

You must, above all, be patient during your job search in Jalisco. Getting in touch with active professionals can be an advantage. Who knows, you might be recommended to a particular firm if you are lucky. The contacts you make upon arrival will be able to inform you about the local labour market, available jobs, and their requirements.

You can also check classified ads in local newspapers and job websites. Also, consider registering with a recruitment agency or with an online professional network where you can post your CV. It is essential, however, that you visit potential employers to ask for an interview because it is extremely uncommon for Mexicans to hire by email.

Once you have a job offer, you will need to apply for legal permission to work. Here is more information about the work visa for Mexico.

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