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Finding accommodation in Jalisco should not be a difficult task. You can start your search before you move, or wait until you arrive. Here are some tips.

Jalisco is the seventh largest state in Mexico and the fourth most populous. It has a lot to offer expatriates, including authentic culture, friendly people, and near-perfect weather.

Three areas in Jalisco are most popular with expatriates: the state capital Guadalajara, the small communities surrounding Lake Chapala (the largest freshwater lake in Mexico), and the beach town Puerto Vallarta.

The first step

Before you start looking at places to rent or buy in Jalisco, you’ll want to spend some time exploring the region to make sure that you actually want to settle there permanently. Therefore, it is a good strategy to book something on a short-term basis and explore the area first.

There are many hotels for all budgets in the city centre of Guadalajara, from national chains like Holiday Inn to smaller, family-run hotels, or even hostels. These smaller hotels are a good option because you may be able to negotiate a lower price if you will be staying long-term.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can save money if you choose a hotel away from the beach. There aren’t as many options in the towns on Lake Chapala, as the region receives fewer tourists than Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta, but despite this, you should have no problem finding hotels and guesthouses.

Types of accommodation in Jalisco

Many different types of accommodation are available in Jalisco, from modest apartments that may or not be furnished to luxurious condos and timeshares, to houses available for both rent and purchase.

You can check online or in the classified section of local newspapers to see what’s available, but often the best places are not listed. The easiest way to find these places is to simply walk around a neighbourhood and look for signs that say “Se Renta” (For Rent).

If you want to purchase a house or apartment in Jalisco, you should speak to a real estate agent. The agent will not only show you a variety of houses and apartments for sale but will also help you navigate the legal formalities of buying property in Mexico.

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