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Are you looking for accommodation in Mexico City? You can choose among various types of accommodation options. But rent prices can be quite high.

Finding accommodation will be one of your main concerns if you are planning to move to Mexico City. You should know, above all, that rent prices in Mexico's capital city, are rather higher than anywhere else, even higher than in some US cites. But you can still find a wide variety of accommodation options throughout the city: apartments, houses, flat sharing, among others. Foreigners with larger financial means may also purchase a real estate property.

First of all, you are advised to inquire on rent prices in different neighborhoods. In fact, these can vary from one neighborhood to another and according to different types of housing options and their standing. Also make sure that you will not be disturbed by the presence of police officers near crossroads. You could be continuously disturbed by their whistles. But you also have to consider the security aspect before choosing. Having a safe and secure compound apartment with a security officer is way better.


Stretching over 1,485 km2, Mexico city is divided into 16 districts, consisting of some 400 neighborhoods. Its most popular neighborhoods are, namely, Colonia Polanco, Coyoacan, Lomas, Condesa, etc.

In Colonia Polanco, you are likely to find embassies, schools and colleges, as well as all basic infrastructure and services. Many expat families have settled there due to the availability of high standard accommodation such as big and comfortable apartments and houses with garden and terrace. Colonia Irrigación is also a calm and peaceful neighborhood, consisting of a commercial center and other facilities and services. But you are likely to find smaller housing options there, such as single and double bedroom apartments.

Condesa, which is located in the city center, is an animated city, hosting restaurants, pubs and night clubs, etc. You can also find small apartments which, however, exclude securities services and parking facilities. Moreover, Coyoacan, which is found in the south of Mexico City, is a peaceful neighborhood consisting of restaurants, parks, museums, etc. As for Lomas, it is known to be a posh neighborhood with modern and luxurious accommodation options.

Find accommodation

Points to be considered during your accommodation search are rent prices, facilities and services which are available in the surrounding, as well as its proximity to your work place. For instance, you can start by touring the different neighborhoods in order to identify most appropriate housing options. In general, ''To Let'' signs are displayed on balconies and near windows.

You can also check out classified ads in local newspapers and specialized websites. Those wishing to purchase a real estate property in Mexico City are advised to register with a real estate agency. However, you will have to inquire about existing regional restrictions. You will also have to hire a lawyer and a public notary to assist you in related formalities.

Rent prices

In general, rent prices vary according to the different types of accommodation, surface area, neighborhoods as well as extras. Those including lifts, parking lots and security services are more expensive. You will thus need some 10,000 pesos per month. If you prefer to purchase a modern apartment, count an average of US$ 1,000 per square meter for an old one and some US$ 2,000 for a new one.

Rent prices in posh neighborhoods revolve around 20,000 to 30,000 pesos. You might as well spend more on extras, whether for houses or apartments.

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