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Moving to a foreign country is an important step which needs proper consideration. Thus, take the time for proper planning before moving to Mexico.

If you are planning to move to Mexico, take your time to choose your carrier. This is an important step not to be taken lightly. A moving consultant will eventually visit your home to assess the volume of belongings which you intend to carry. You will have to specify which objects or goods require special care like special packaging. You must also specify what you will do yourself (dis-assembly of furniture, packing dishes etc.). You can find an international mover in the yellow pages or on the Internet.

The quote must include several key points:

  • the starting address - for removing goods
  • the destination address in Mexico
  • volume
  • the type of transport
  • the carrier's benefits
  • price.

It is more common to route your belongings to your new home. However, some carriers do not guarantee delivery to individual homes but to a point of storage, which involves additional costs to repatriate your belongings to the final destination. This is why you should inquire in advance about the transport and routing conditions.

Value statement

Make a comprehensive list of your belongings in order to establish a value statement. This document allows you to set compensation to your property in case of loss or damage. You must fill it yourself, specifying the overall value of your property and the value of some assets which could exceed the contractual limit. Note that an estimate can be established without this statement. This can compromise your move and obviously your whole planning.


Accordingly, the carrier will offer you a casualty insurance. This insurance covers non-predictable transport damage of your belongings at the value you mentioned in your statement. The insurance's cost will vary according to the overall value of your belongings. An insurance certificate will be issued by the company.

Final step

Finally, you will have to sign the consignment form for the loading and delivery of your belongings. This form contains details such as the terms of the contract, the mode of transport, the volume transported, the name and address of the client and the transport company etc. Once you sign this letter, the mover gets your approval for loading and will terminate your contract at the delivery.

It is common to pay removal costs in two halves: the deposit is generally paid during the loading while the balance is paid upon delivery.


The carrier will handle all paperwork for your move (customs clearance etc.). You are advised to opt for an affiliate to the FIDI carrier.

 Good to know:

You are advised to inquire beforehand with the Mexican Customs Department about international removals. You will thus be aware of any provision or banned products etc.

 Useful links:

Federation of European Movers - FEDEMAC
The International Federation of International Movers - FIDI
Mexico Customs Department

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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